Manufacturer representatives

I saw this quote and it got me wondering. Would it be of value for me to invite manufacturers to provide support in this public forum? It might be nice to have a publicly moderated platform to ensure they are accountable. Etc.

  • Yes, invite them
  • Don’t invite them

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I seem to recall a visit or two. I think it was to refute something and then they were gone. I don’t think they care for the free-for-all nature.

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I wish they would have a presence, but- at present- it is perfectly clear that they do not view the end user as their customer.

Yes I do already realize they have to be cautious not to undermine their providers.

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Yet you already have a place for them. If they have no interest in participating then oh well. But I think the other posts here are onto it.

Yep, what @KenP said. I don’t think you will get something similar to what you are anticipating.

Perhaps there is a way to make it work for them. I haven’t thought it through… but perhaps there is a way to give them some moderation capabilities within a brand support category etc so they feel they are able to control the discussion and not let it go too off the rails. I think if there are threads where people have legitimate concerns that need addressing, they would probably be willing to address concerns and seek critical feedback. However, if people just want to complain about products or pricing without seeking answers I could see this being unproductive for them.


yes , there are many a year ago i complained about receiver for signia mini 2.0 that non of thier receiver include clear dynamic range for full sound how you claiming richer sound in music mode??? reason m/p receiver include hearing level db only from 33db from 1khz to 8khz so 20-33db most soft spoken words understaning (articulation index) gone for reverse slop that will make then more deaf. they never heared. said thanks for input we appreciate. but even after year and launching two aids platform primax star and pure nx. receivers are still 2.0 with fault. how person can hear soiund if microphone wont amplify and receive that sound thats why speech understanding not good in signia.(soft speech). even for s receiver not include range greater than 65db in low so no clear audiblity for closed mould dooms… still no new launch no news. and now some where i readed they increase input level but receiver are still same so why they will dealt with that input is even mystry.

It depends on who the rep is. If it’s mainly the sales people then they may not be able to help answer anything except take inputs back to the company (a black hole). If it’s the technical support people then they may be more helpful with issues that users run into, but they’re not necessarily the real experts if they’re junior levels, because my audi had been on the phone with technical support people where all they do is put her on hold for almost every single question so they can go ask a real expert.

I think the ideal rep for a mfg would be somebody who’s at management level with decision making power and real insights into the direction and strategy of the company, as well as having real expert knowledge on how the products work.


The rep will be Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders or equivalent :grinning:

Who they provide as a rep and how they deal with us would tell us a lot about the companies. I think we’d also need to self regulate (or perhaps forum admin could) our questions. Maybe there should be acceptable parameters from the beginning?

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respondant is Rebecca Herbig, AuD signia haha.

Absolutely bring on the reps! This will give US a forum to tell them what WE are looking for. How often do we have that? We could turn this into “Wisdom Of The Crowd.”

I think manufacturers will work with us if we provide a positive working environment for them as well. To speak to my recent experience with the Signia Pure 13 BT, the Signia Product Specialist I worked with was phenomenal, very knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to help make my experience positive. We worked really well together.

I believe the reason behind that success, was that I didn’t go to her and complain, complain, complain. I actively worked with her to resolve the complaints. When I encountered an issue or a flaw with their app, I didn’t just vent. I tried to reproduce the issue multiple times, I recorded the exact steps that reproduced the problem, tested it under different conditions, I provided my thoughts as to what the user experience should be, I made suggestions on how improve things, and etc … Her goal was to make the hearing aids work for me as best as possible, and mine to find as many bugs and report them before users encountered them. A lot of what I reported or suggested, went straight to the R&D team in Germany and fixes were made, the user experience refined, and my problem fixed. This was all done in a respectful, patient, and collaborative way. I have a great template for bug reporting, if anyone is interested.

As a community, we can’t expect the Hearing Mfgs to solve all our problems and read our minds as to what we want. We need to do our part in helping them without being judgmental and rude. I’ve read some of the posts on this forum that were like that, and if I was in the Hearing Mfgs shoes … I would not want to be a part of those toxic conversations. Being passionate is one thing, but rude and argumentative something else. A lot of people online tend to say things that they would never say to another person’s face - don’t be one of those people.

I’ll be trying to repeat process I went through with Signia on the Pure 13 BTs with another large Hearing Mfg over the next few months for my next review. I’m curious if I follow the principles above whether the experience will be similar to the one with Signia.

I’d also challenge the people on this forum to volunteer to beta test and field trial new hearing aids, so that our voices are better heard by the Hearing Mfgs.

That’s my 2 cents on this topic.

I’d actually suggest that this forum should integrate a Bug Tracking system, similar to those used by Software Developers where people can report issues. It also makes it easy to search those systems for existing / open issues and for multiple users to track them based on a bug report’s unique id. This is a fancy approach, but it works really well and avoids duplicate issues and comments if managed well. Users also have the ability to vote up issues that are important to them, thereby helping Hearing Mfgs prioritize bugs based on user feedback. Users are also notified as the issue transitions from Open -> In Investigation -> In Development -> In Testing -> Verified -> Closed. In the Closed state, there would be firmware version where that issue was fixed. We as the Hearing Community can independently confirm that issue is indeed fixed.


I think it could be good is there was someone with excellent technical knowledge and programming experience willing to give definitive answers about what is possible and what isn’t for their aids. It would also be useful to be able to feed back to the manufacturers what we really want in terms of features and connectivity etc.

I would be less ok with manufacturers spouting proprietary jargon and making grandiose claims. Using the forum to just push product would be against its main purpose. If you let them moderate their bit then they may well edit out anything which does not agree with their best interests. I have never been a fan of self regulation.

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As always, excellent points made on your part… I especially concur with your comment that: "my audi had been on the phone with technical support people where all they do is put her on hold for almost every single question so they can go ask a real expert."

Thanks again for all your help and contributions in this Forum.:+1:

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This could be done fairly easily. My suggestion would just be adding bug-report as a tag to any post. Then we could add the other tags in addition, as suggested below:

Then when one wanted to see all the open bug reports they could just select “bug-report” and “open-bug-report” as tags in the search area. Here’s an example of searching by multiple tags:

You can do that, but I think we’d be abusing how the forum technology’s purpose.

I’d recommend using either BugZilla (Perl-based) or Redmine (Ruby on Rails based) for this kind of thing. They are both well known and supported and have all the necessary features to do bug/defect/issue tracking well.

Through Docker, they are also super easy to deploy and maintain:

I’d run it under and then link specific issue ids to the comments in forums where users discussed the bug. A sticky note at the top of the conversation to help track things and avoid duplicates.

It’s a good separation between discussions and formal bug tracking. @AbramBaileyAuD, I can volunteer some time to help get you up and running if you need it.

The issue with introducing another technology layer is integrating the user accounts. Something that proved a bit tricky when bringing the forum online. I like the idea of using a formal bug tracker though, so long as non-techie users were able to navigate it and contribute.

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Look at some of the screenshots of both Redmine and Bugzilla and see if you find it too complicated. Moderators can help clean-up and make sure bugs are filled out in accordance to whatever guidelines you set.

In regards to account access, we can chat offline and see how easy it is use your existing user database to provision access to a bugtracking system. I have some experience in that domain as well.

I would love to have a Phonak representative here! I wonder if my audiologist is recommending the right BTE’s for my daughter, and also struggle getting information on the various Roger devices we own. Please invite them as a customer service function. Fine to sell a little bit, but what a great way for the to support their customers on the critical devices they provide!