Managing OPN 1 programs on Genie 2

I would like to know how to copy a program (P2, P3 or P4) to the P1 (General one).
Thank you.

You P1/general/main program is best suited for hearing in general, while your other programs may only be suited for specialty things like listening to music.

Why would you want to get rid of you main/best program and replace it with a specialty/optional program?

See Programs for Oticon Opn.

I know it is unusual, but one of them turned out to be much more frequent than P1. The other way I can see is just by copying all parameters (from fine tuning, open sound navigator…), but I am not sure if this is really enough to create an identical program.

I think you are saying that you use an alternate program much more frequently than you use your main program. Is that correct?

If Yes, then something is not programmed correctly in your main program. You could do this instead; Find out what is not correct in your main program and fix it.

Then your main program would be similar or exactly the same as the alternate program that you like.

Correct, the alternate program is much more frequently used… and it is (surprisingly) the Music one. I know that all filters are off, no opensound navigator at all and so on, but the tonal balance (which is slightly different from P1, as I can compare on reports) is what I am looking for. So te idea was to keep the Music program as is, copy it somehow to P1 and then adjust opensound navigator as necessary (as some noise control would be nice).

Okay, but that seems like a very broad-brush approach.

I think you should devote more time to understanding the setting details for each of the two programs. One approach for doing a detailed comparison is print-screens, or more specifically, the Print Screen/PrntScrn key on your keyboard;

To capture a single active window:

  1. Tap or click on the window you want to capture.
  2. Press the Alt + PrntScrn keys together.

Now an image of your Window Capture in in your scratch pad. Use a utility program (such as Paint, Irfanview) to Paste (Ctrl-V) your window capture and then save it as a file or as a printed image.

Don’t forget; the Genie 2 settings has many tabs/sub-settings and you would want to look at each subset.

I know this is a lot of work but it would give you a detailed understanding of the differences.

I was sure you would say that… but my real question is: is there any “internal” (not externalized) setting when we select a specialty program? in other words, if I copy all externalized parameters from all tabs on Genie 2, are we sure the results are identical? or may be there are some compression or other kind of adjustment that cannot be tuned by those tabs…

And I was sure you were going to resist going into detail.

Let me go back and check my Genie 2 source code. Oh wait a minute. I don’t have the Genie 2 source code? But it would seem self defeating (for Oticon to somehow enhance it’s sub programs) to be better than the main program. Most find the main program able to handle various situations better than the music program.

eta> Maybe someone else has an opinion?

Looked into detail with Genie 2; Seems there is no way to look at the details in the music program. Sorry, a detailed comparison that I was envisioning may not be possible.

So you like the music program better that the P1 default program. I don’t know of any way to make the music program the default. Have you looked at changing the sound controls for P1?

pvc, first of all thank you again for all your attention and help !!!
The sound controls remain the same on all programs, but the gain controls change… this tab is where I confirmed the changes in tonal balance I was perceiving.
So my first guess would try to copy all gain controls and compare both. But as I do not have FittingLink 3, I must go to the audiologist for each evaluation…

Oh, okay. Sorry I didn’t see gain controls for the music program. I will look again.

It’s difficult with having to make trips to the Audi;

There is also big long discussions about different Fitting Rationals, Though, I’m not sure this would help and with an Audi in between it would be problematic. Whew! I’m sticking with VAC+. Fitting Rationales: VAC+ vs. AL-NL1, NAL-NL2 or DSL v5.0a.

Oticon instruments are available with a selection of proven successful fitting rationales.

_ DSL v5.0_

The instruments are assigned a default rationale. This can be set up or changed in Preferences.

I only see gain for the P1 default program. Maybe you are Looking at the Adaptation Manager Tabs (1, 2 and 3); Those are to allow new users to increase the gain gradually over time to get used to the hearing aids gradually.

See? If you hover over the little 1-2-3 icon it says Adaptation Manager;


That’s correct, but if you take a close look at numbers on each spot at those tables (gain per frequency for loud, moderate and soft), they change.

Of course they change (same as volume control) 2 is louder than 1, 3 is louder than 2. Use your Help on Genie 2 and Search for Adaptation Manager;

Back to the OP’s wish to select the music program as the default program. Here’s some info from Genie 2 Help;



What I mean is, for a given step, the specialty programs will result on different gains for some frequencies. So the tonal balance changes.

I think that you are confusing the 1.2.3 settings of the Adaptation Manager with settings for Programs P1, P2 P3.

  1. Go to Fitting
  2. Click More Tools
  3. Click Adaptation Manager
  4. Check box to turn on automatic adaptation

Now the gain control volume will be set to 1 for 30 days, then it will change to gain control volume 2, after 60 days it will change to gain control volume 3.

OR; if you don’t turn on automatic adaptation then you can manually select the gain control volume to 1, 2, or 3.

Note that Adaptation Manager says (i Settings will be applied to all programs)

Click the image below for a larger view;

Here are gain values of P1 (General) and P4 (Music) to exemplify my previous statement: