Managing multiple inputs to the ComPilot + Programs

After it turned out my Click n Talk came not working, I am going to get a ComPilot now.

It says it will work straight out the box for phone, music and TV use but if you want the remote side to it, it has to be paired.

But then I read this
8.2 Managing multiple inputs to the ComPilot
When an audio source is connected via the ComPilot,
your hearing aids will automatically switch to special

Up to 4 automatic programs can be fine-tuned by your
hearing care professional.

It is possible to have multiple audio sources connected
and in operation with the ComPilot:

  • Two Bluetooth devices
    (e.g., phone and TVLink S basestation).
  • One audio input (3.5mm audio plug)

Do I need to do this? I don’t have any programs left on my aids. Up to 4 automatic programs can be fine-tuned by your hearing care professional. Are these extra programs plus the 4 I have?
I have -
T Coil

I have another thread about this while I was investigating and on that one, they said if I wanted to have microphones turned off for phone call and music but microphones on for TV, I would need programs for this. I have decided just to have to microphones on for all of it.

Thank you.

Another question, sorry, hope you dont mind.

I have the Bellman and Symfon Pager System all round my house which produces signals around the house and I have just read this -
- Interference with other devices in the environment may reduce the operating range.

Should this be a problem?

The com-pilot can be paired with multiple devices.

The highest priority is always allocated to the incoming phone signal, then the audio sources. Obviously you can only stream one audio source at a time and the signal balance with the aid mics needs to be set correctly.

The wireless pograms are established independently of the other 4 main programs, though you will only be able to access them when there is a powered source running. You will need to get the Compilot paired or you won’t have access to the phone functions OR have the levels tweaked separately in particular programs: most users I deal with prefer more Bass but less harsh overall in the music program, while he phone one can be modified for better speech understanding.

RFI interference is everywhere, so you might get a few isseues, Bluetooth is quite adept at changing channels and managing this.

Thanks, I am the first person to order one from my aud so he has not got a clue. :slight_smile:

I only burn one program in my Siemens for the miniTek and then the miniTek is programed for multiple inputs. In mine I have BT Phone which you need to pair with your phone, TVLink, general BT devices. The BT phone will interrupt whatever and when you hangup will go back to whatever it was doing. Then the miniTek will pair with BT devices in the order they were added. My audio cable input works fine with nothing setup it will override everything but the phone