Managed to pick up another Phonak B90 but in pink!

I love wearing my black B90 as it looks very professional but have missed having a colour to wear as well.

Looked on eBay last night and from the same seller as I bought my black B90 from, he has a brand new pink B90 available for £55 which I think is roughly $80.

I’m happy!

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I visualize pink heels, pink purse, pink dress, pink earrings and a pink necklace to go along with your new pink hearing aid.

I actually don’t really wear pink but my friend had some old Naidas that were baby pink and I always loved the look of them.

I’m a massive sailor so often when not at work, I’m in sailing gear :wink:

I’ve not actually seen the new pink but from the picture on Phonak website, it’s still a nice pink.


Just found a picture of her pink aids on Pinterest which have been covered in nail stickers as well.


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Did you buy a Bolero?

No it is a Sky.

This seller seems to be only selling Sky models and he sells them so cheaply that they aren’t on eBay for very long.

Not 100% sure where he gets them from but my black B90 are 2019 serial numbers so expect the pink B90 to be either 2019 or 2020.

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I don’t know what I was thinking. Pink aids had to be the Sky model.

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