Malware issue with User Guide USB Drive for Noahlink Wireless?

The Problem:
A mysterious/extra malware file, namely LPK.DLL DDoS:Win32.Nitol was found on some Noahlink Wireless USB drives included inside the shrink-wrapped user guide pamphlet.

The Damage:
None. There does not appear to be any issues caused by the mysterious/extra malware file??

The Solution:
Don’t use the USB Drive. You don’t need it. When you connect Noahlink Wireless to a PC it will automatically obtain drivers for/from your Windows system. As for reading the user guide, what’s to read? You just plug in Noahlink Wireless and it works. Aside from maybe selecting it as a programming device in your fitting software it is not complicated to use. So just throw that USB drive away or leave it packaged inside the brochure. If you have already plugged that USB drive into a PC/device just chill. Thus far, there is no known impact.

Some history links:

It was only your thread title that was alarmist; (WARNING: AUDI’s and DIY’s) in relation to Noahlink Wireless. Not knowing much about the extra file (which was not on my version) I was hesitant to tarnish our most excellent wireless fitting device.

Yes you were right and “Thank you” for bringing this to our attention.

btw> I suspected that it was the C’s and not the R’s :wink:

What do you mean by C and R?


This is a current hot topic in politics right now. The supply chain in China is an easy target for IP theft, malware insertion, and hardware backdoor into U.S. tech products being sold here.

However… The backdoor found in Intel CPUs for the NSA haven’t made the U.S. totally innocent.

That’s why open source is being pushed as the solution. If everyone had eyes on the source code, there wouldn’t be hidden backdoors because someone will notice it. Hardware design is going the open source route also.

Hearing aid devices also need to go the open source route. I’m unaware of any open source projects for hearing aids. The hardware specs are so proprietary that it would be hard to make it a universal OS for every hearing aid.

When you have proprietary software or hardware, who knows whether it’s secured or not. Or if the manufacturer limited the device capabilities through software lock to prevent you from using the full potential unless you pay for a subscription.

Tesla does this.

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It’s still the same solution. Don’t use the USB Drive. You don’t need it.