Major issues with Unitron Moxi 3G

I am having major issues with these digital hearing aids. I’m coming from using conventional aids and expecting an adjustment period but not the difficulties I am facing. First the fit was way off, actually fell out of my ear! Got new molds made and fit much better. But first time and still now, there is an echo or reverb that is disorting speech and music. If I sing a clear note, it sounds like a vibrato, all broken up rather than constant. When I first tried I thought I was hearing things more clearly, like a two toned chime but now seeing it’s an echo or reverb.

Also not pleased with noise suppression at all. Went out to lunch in restaurant and while I could hear other diners better, people sitting with me seemed the same. And today at a preschool the noise wasn’t suppressed at all and was so overwhelming I had to leave immediately. I could not even hear my son when he talked in my ear.

And phone an issue now. This might be because of over the ear versus in ear change. I do like the Bluetooth feature but that’s only on my cell.

I know there are probably adjustments that can be made butni wasn’t expecting so many issues. I was given a different loaner aid when the unitrons were being made. There was no echo/reverb issue. Wish I knew what brand those were.

So what do I do? How many adjustments should I need? Should I try different kind?


Everything is adjustable. Several adjustment sessions would not be unusual.

Try to return them and get fitted with the new Moxi on the Era platform.

The chip is faster, there’s a better feedback manager, and there’s a new approach to sound smoothing for combining the signal that by-passes the mould with the signal that comes from the aid.