Maintenance Schedule and Best Practices for Daily, Weekly, Monthly HA care?

Now that I have entered the land of uncoupling services from my HA purchase, it would be useful to have guidance on best practices for taking care of my RITE devices. I have a Soulear - Take-A-Long Hearing Aid Case with Dry Disc Drying Agent for Hearing AIds by my bedside, but even though I’ve had HAs for 7 years, I’m still at a bit of a loss of what I should be doing (without making myself crazy).

Any input on this is appreciated.

I don’t have RITE hearing aids, I have BTE hearing aids.
The only thing I do is rub the actual hearing aids with a glasses cloth to get rid of any dirt etc and then I put them in my Dry & Store box over night. I don’t do anything else.
I do know RITE hearing aids require more maintenance.

You’ll want a supply of wax guards. You can change them on a routine basis, or when you detect problems.
Will also likely want to change domes on occasion. Basically you want to keep your hearing aids clean by wiping them down and brushing wax out of domes.

I clean my domes daily with alcohol wipes ( off the aids ) and use a UV dryer/sanitizer daily. I wipe them over with a microfiber cloth daily and occasionally use a Jodivac to clean the microphone area in particular.

Thank you… Which UV dryer do you use?

How often is routine on the wax guards?

You’ll get a variety of opinions. Costco recommends every 2 months. My Mom’s audiologist every 6 months. Ultimately it depends on you and how much wax you make. I think key is brushing out your domes or molds daily (maybe even twice a day if you make a lot of wax) If the guards (aka filters) get plugged, you’ll know it as hearing aids will cease to work.

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Phonak D-Dry at home and a Westone canester with desiccant when traveling.

Usually every 3 months. When you first start wearing hearing aids it’s more often than that, but eventually your wax production should slow down.

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@audiometrix_hearing I have a suggestion… I think you guys should compile a guide that gets shipped with HAs that has the title of this thread and the answers. Also, put this on your website (bet you will get a bunch of hits)… :slight_smile:

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I keep my aids in a Dri-eze canister at night. I remove and clean the domes and check the wax guards every couple of days or when I notice that they need it. As long as the wax guard is clear or can be cleared I do not change it – usually I can go several months between changes. I always insert my aids before turning them on so I can listen to the start up chime; I can tell when the wax guards are clogged by listening to the tone. I change the domes when they become discolored. I wipe everything down with alcohol wipes periodically, usually one or two times a week. I do not think it is necessary to be obsessive about disinfecting them unless you’re having problems with your ear canals.

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