Maintenance items and schedules


I’m new to all this and have a Widex RIC Evoke, one aid only.

It has the tulip-style dome.

Is there a recommended replacement schedule for the dome and the wax filter? I was pretty much under the impression it was, “replace as needed”.

After about 3 months now I just tore the dome last night when I was removing it for cleaning. So It looks like about 4x year might be what I can expect for “as needed” on that part, less if I am more careful.

The wax filter still looks clean, so I don’t see a reason for “as needed” yet.

But is there a time where it’s good practice to replace even if it doesn’t look like it’s needed?



Reading responses from members about this is all over the map. Varies between people. As needed works.
Using a dryer nightly is another subject talked about. Some do and some don’t. I am one who does.



My step mom has had her hearing aids for 18 months and is yet to change her domes or wax guards. Hers look really clean still.



I just bought 4 extra domes. I figure that should last me at least a year, maybe more. I know that silicone will start to break down over time, I think I’ll just keep a close eye on them after a few months and replace preemptively if it seems like it’s a little soft or losing some of its characteristics.

As far as the wax filter goes, I might end up never changing that out. I have an appointment in October for a final follow-up, during the cleaning and checkup they might end up replacing those parts anyway.

Thanks, all, for the feedback.

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