Magnifying headsets recommendations


Hello, I’m looking for a magnifying headset with a light to clean my hearing aids. I find it impossible to hold three things at once.

Can anyone recommend through Amazon or any other place a good set? I’m looking for a good magnifying strength.



I got the following on Amazon. It’s pretty inexpensive and works well. The LED is not that bright.

What I much prefer and use instead is a large hands-free magnifying stand that I got at Radio Shack during its going-out-of-busines sale:

I use the hands-free stand while wearing an Energizer 160 lumen Brilliant Beam headlamp for illumination and the 2X magnification of the main lens in the stand is quite adequate most of the time. The model that I got has a smaller 4X inset lens off to the side but I don’t really use it. So I recommend the helping-hands magnifier over a headset. Hopefully they’re cheap enough that if you got both there are things that you could either for around the house as time goes by.

P.S. If you decide to use a headlamp, get Panasonic Eneloop NiMH rechargeable batteries. Unlike the original NiMH that don’t hold charge and completely die after not too long, these NiMH batteries are specially formulated to be rechargeable 1,000 to 2,000 times, will hold a charge for years. Unfortunately, they don’t achieve the same voltage as alkaline batteries: max voltage about 1.34 v per cell. But if you run a device with an alkaline battery and it only dies around 1.26 v or lower, then Eneloops will probably work well - my LED headlamps still give usable light down to about 1.20 v or lower. Always use batteries as a set and do not mix and match newer and older batteries or batteries that have been previously used for different purposes. I have Eneloop batteries that I have now used for over 7 years and they are still going strong. Costco sells Eneloop battery/charger kits but if you want to simply buy more batteries you have to look to other retailers last time I checked.



I think I like the Helping Hands magnifier. Does it run on cord or battery?



It’s just a stand with clamps and magnifier. It’s intended to be used when soldering to give you a magnified view and a convenient place to rest hot soldering irons and catch dripping solder. It does have a built-in battery-powered LED light on the underside but I can’t remember using it. I find the Energizer headlamp so much brighter, I can adjust the angle of the headlamp on my head or tilt my head a bit this way and that to tune the exact angle of illumination. I find very bright illumination helpful to seeing gunk on my HA bodies and molds, receiver wires, etc.

Maybe Amazon or eBay has the equivalent online? All the Radio Shacks around where we live are now gone and the online Radio Shack web page says that the Helping Hands magnifier is sold out from their eStore.



I was going to suggest a headlamp. Best invention ever.

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If I go out at night to check how the sprinkler system is doing, I wear an LED headlamp that has red and green beam options. If I am wearing my HA’s, I also wear gun muffs over my HA’s not to block sound but prevent a sprinkler stream that I don’t see in the dark from blasting an HA. LED headlamps that have RED beams are good for preserving night vision and also the red beam is reflected off the retinas of feral cats, skunks, racoons, etc., from up to 100 ft or more away. The one thing that doesn’t work so well is if a skunk has already turned away from you and raised its tail to blast you, there are no eyes to be seen like a Cheshire cat’s shining in the dark. So a headlamp that has a green beam (don’t know if Energizer still makes them) is a nice compromise between the night-vision preserving red beam and the night vision-losing but better close-up vision of a brilliant white beam - you can still see most animal eyes in the dark with a green beam. We use silica gel kitty litter, which is very dusty as it gets used, and I also wear gun muffs over my HA’s when cleaning up and stirring up the kitty litter, as well as an LED headlamp to brilliantly illuminate what’s in the kitty litter. And to prevent my smartwatch from getting blasted by sprinkler spray (only IP68 rated), I wear a bottom-cut-off Ziplock sandwich baggie on my wrist over the watch. Haven’t figured out why, but even wearing gun muffs over my HA’s, I can still hear the thwack-thwack of an impact-based recoil sprinkler head, which is useful if you need to stand near one but tiptoe out of its spray as it rotates around. Somehow my ability to sense the directionality of the thwack-thwack sound still works wearing gun muffs over my Quattro HA’s, either through leakage of sound through the muffs and molds to my ear drums or leakage through the muffs to my HA’s.



And if you really want a bright rechargeable headlamp with rechargeable batteries, get one that uses 18650 Lithium Ion batteries. (I’m a caver and that’s pretty much what all cavers use.)

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I have a bunch of those goggles that Jim recommended. They’re great. Not super quality but mine last for quite a while. The LED light on them makes for a great illuminator.

I’ve used those helping hands things and the clips are handy in soldering but I could never use a single-lens magnifier without a lot of frustration. I much prefer the binocular goggles.