M-DEX Charger Compatibility - iCom and Laptop USB Port

I am currently field testing the new Widex 440s and M-Dex. My former pair of HAs were Phonaks which i used with an iCom. My question is on the chargers. As I have a spare iCom and also a remote, I’ve got several chargers that also have a mini USB. Are these compatible with the M-Dex for charging? Also is there any danger in using hte laptop USB port to charge my M-Dex? Do I need to download specific drivers?

Just FYI, the M-Dex is much larger than the iCom, but so far the functionality and sound quality are significantly better. There’s no noted delay in enabling the bluetooth and i can actually have more control over hte volume than I did with hte iCom. It’s also allows me to stay within the programs I selected instead of moving to a specific bluetooth program. So far I am really loving the M-Dex

It should charge off a normal USB rail.

I like the M-Dex, the interface is clear and the ability to see where you’re steering the directionality is helpful. It’s a mixed mono signal, but seems to work really well.