Hi! I’m new here and have been looking for information about the Lyric hearing aids. I found a little here and so I thought I’d share my experience to help others. I’m a 34 year old female married with 3 boys and live an active lifestyle. I’ve always been told I have small ears so I wasn’t sure I’d be a canidate but it turns out I am but on the tight side. I will swith to the smaller ones when they become avaliable. The fitting was weird but easy the same as explained on another post so if you have questions I’ll answer but won’t bore you with more details. I previously wore open ear hearing aids and so the occulsion like the CIC’s drove me completly nuts!! It does get better by the day. There was only weird pressure but no pain till day 4 then I thought I’d take the left one out…somehow I made it through and now day 5 is WAY better no pain. It’s different but I’m hoping some programing will help. I have high frequency hearing loss so now the high frequency being turned up is HIGH too. The car is very annoying like another person had posted feels like I’m in an airplane sound wise. Now I just have to figure out if I “hear” better. Love wearing a pony tail and no one staring and working out with “ears”. Haven’t tried running yet, that’s another test. Working out with weights was fine I wasn’t sure if the extra pressure would bother me but it didn’t. Overall I’m just past the pain part so it’s way better now, hopefully once I see the audioligist next week the programing will help some. She also told me in the next few (4-6) months Lyric will have more programming capabilities and in the next year the smaller ones will be out too. I’ll let you know if I find out any more about that. All questions are welcome there didn’t seem like alot of information out there from “real” people.

hjorrue said in part: “I’m new here and have been looking for information about the Lyric hearing aids.”

I Googled Lyric Hearing Aids and found over 440 results. Their web site is:

I don’t know how much of what information you’re looking for, but there it is.

Shi-Ku Chishiki