Lyric vs. other in-the-canal hearing aids

I have tinnitus in my right ear, which disturbs my sleep. I’ve discovered that hearing aids greatly reduce the perceived volume of my tinnitus. So I have looked into hearing aids that I can sleep in–I am a side sleeper. I first tried a pair of Unitron BTE hearing aids, but found them to be very uncomfortable to sleep in. I am now in the middle of a thirty-day trial of the Lyric hearing aids since I thought they might be an ideal solution. So far, after 10 days, they are working well for me with minimal discomfort and I am sleeping well, but it still bothers me that I can’t take them out and let my ears “rest”. Does anyone know whether any removable in-the-canal hearing aids (such as the Starkey SoundLens) might work to sleep in? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

There are pillow speakers available that might work.

I have a sound machine that was recommended to me by my Audiologist that I keep on in my bedroom, and even my wife loves it. We live not but about a mile from railroad tracks and the trains no longer bother my wife at night. If I have to travel or go on vacation we care a sound machine with us it helps with my ringing and it mutes out the sounds of the others in the place. It really does help.