Lyric invisible hearing aids

Does anyone here use them? Considering them. They are very expensive, apparently.

Several long threads on Lyrics including:


They are controversial as you’ll see. Some try them and love them, some try them and hate them, and many others decry the pricing model. Lots more discussion on Lyrics can be found using the Search button in the blue bar above.

You can private message me if you have any specific questions…but I did try them and HATED them…for many reasons. Luckily you should be able to get a decent trial and pay next to nothing…and get a chance to see if they’re right for you. I’ve seen some blogs by people who describe them as “life-changing” and who love them, so I wouldn’t want to talk you out of them, but some of the negatives I experienced are these:

Pain…and I’m no weenie, having given birth to a nine-pounder with no epidural. The first two days were like having ear infections in both ears. Lots of Tylenol.

Occlusion effect…like speaking in a barrel and hearing my own footfalls and heartbeat. Mostly on one side for me, and probably due to the fact that I’m ‘between sizes,’ and had to go with a larger device that caused the occlusion. May not happen to you.

Not really water-resistant…they say they are, but after four or five days I got static in the right device due to moisture. I have long hair and evidently my showers were the culprit. (And I’m not giving up showering.)

ICK factor…I simply couldn’t handle knowing I couldn’t clean my ears out for the next four months. After five days I was all freaked out, wondering what the heck was festering in there. (And I’ve been told I don’t produce a lot of wax, so someone who does have wax issues would have problems for sure.) When I finally took them out I was horrified. ICK FACTOR. I must have Q-tipped my ears for an hour.

Like I said, I think they’re worth a shot. They are expensive, but personally speaking? If they really worked I would have laid out twice as much and been happy as a clam.

Thanks Melissa…definitely very helpful info. I am having my hearing aid consultation next week, and these will be ones I am considering. Lyric doesn’t make the only invisible aid though, right? I think they are a couple of others. I like the idea that it is hidden, but I definitely don’t want pain.

I will check out those threads you mentioned.


My experience and attitude when trying them (twice!) was very similar to Melissa’s. It was not a meeting of the minds, between Lyric and me. But if they interest you, you should at least consider them, because many people use them and say they get great results and absolutely love their special features. They are a niche product.

Yes, there are other “invisible” aids. What sets Lyric apart from other invisible aids is you wear the Lyrics 24/7 and don’t take them out regularly to clean them and change the batteries. When the batteries die, usually in 2-4 months, you go back to the audiologist and get a fresh pair of Lyrics inserted in your ears by the audiologist which stay there for another 2-4 months. It’s all included in the subscription cost. But the subscription cost is higher than other aids long-term, unless you lose or damage other aids at a very high rate.

Just a final comment…it seems that the length and size of your ear canal is a factor in how ‘invisible’ the Lyrics will be. For me, you could definitely see them. You had to be close to me, but they were not invisible. The ‘invisible’ hearing aids that Starkey advertises are also not invisible…not even close. I was fitted for them twice, by different professionals, and both times they never came CLOSE to fitting ‘behind the second bend’ as advertised, yet on Starkey’s promo brochure the aid they show (literally a hearing aid stuck to the advertisement in my audi’s office) is so tiny it looks as if it’s made for a five-year-old.

I think men may have the advantage with these “invisible aids” being advertised…since their canals are generally longer and a bigger diameter, the aids are truly invisible. Not with mine, though.

Thanks so much for the feedback. Just something for me to consider. Before I get an “invisible” aid (whether they are truly invisible or not), I first want to make sure the aid itself is helping with my issues. I have never had a hearing aid before, so want to first rest assured that I have the right one for my hearing deficit issues. Hopefully I can test out one first…maybe not an invisible one but a larger one? I guess I’ll talk to the audiologist when I have my consultation in a couple of weeks.

I’m currrently in the middle of my 45 day trial with the lyrics. I’d be happy to answer any questions via private message.

The reason the Starkey ones don’t always “seem” invisible is because they lure people in w/ that, and if the person does not have the real estate in their ear…they just make it anyway. Not all canals are created equal, frankly if it’s not big enough it ain’t gonna be invisible. The problem w/ the Starkey product is that they will make it regardless of whether or not it’s right…

The deep fitting itc aid from Siemens/Miracle Ear is invisible, and you won’t see anyone wearing them, because they will not fit anyone w/ them unless they can. What I mean is, the impression must meet certain measurements to qualify for the fit. If it doesn’t, then they don’t do it, reason being, if you fit the aid to someone that has very tiny canals, or a 90 degree bend, or whatever, you would see it and they do not want people to say, “well it’s supposed to be invisible but I can see it…” like the previous poster said about the Starkey aid. That being said I have seen numbers range wildley from 6-20 percent of people that could actually wear that product.

Wow, your first post is about your Lyrics…interesting.

I would suggest trialling (for very little, if any, money…or a money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy) ANY aid you’re seriously considering. In other words, if having something invisible or nearly-invisible is what you really want, then by all means, trial a pair! The typical money-back-if-you
aren’t-satisfied guarantee is usually the law, at least in the US. Some professionals give you even longer.

That’s what the “test period” is made for, so take advantage. Even with the Lyrics…I paid nothing and my trial lasted five days (as long as I could stand having something shoved up against my eardrum, ha) so take your time and find what works for you and your lifestyle.

…On a side note, there are some posters here that look (to me) to be people who have certain agendas…like putting in a good word for a certain type or brand of hearing aid. Be wary of people who say they really love a certain set of aids but basically seem “untrue” or who post ONCE about a pair of aids…in ridiculously glowing terms…but never have posted before and then don’t ever post again. After all, this is the only decent hearing aid forum on the entire net. Then again, I could be paranoid. :slight_smile:

You aren’t paranoid, just smart :stuck_out_tongue:

dr. amy

Just to clarify, I’m a long time lurker on the board. I don’t work for Lyric or any other HA company. I was diagnosed with HF hearing loss about 4 years ago at the age of 25. It’s been a long, hard road but I finally came to (somewhat) accept my hearing loss and recently did something about it.

Lyrics are the first (and only) HA that I’ve trialed or worn. My experience with the lyrics has been a mixed bag. I’ve had to go in for several re-inserts due to minor discomfort which eventually turned into pretty intense pain. My Audi put me in a size smaller (s/s) which is definitely more comfortable but right now I’m only able to wear one aid as my other ear needs to heal before a s/s insert can be attempted. Overall sound, including my own voice, was more natural than I was expecting. I’ve found that my hearing has definitely improved in certain situations however background noise is a challenge because it seems so loud and makes conversation difficult. Also, having something in my ear tends to make my ears itch which drives me crazy. I was quoted $3200 for a year subscription by my Audi. This process has been beyond frustrating because I really had my heart set on the Lyrics due to how discreet they are however I’m not willing to drop $3200 unless the comfort and sound issues are resolved.

I’m still very much self-conscious about my hearing loss which is why I told the original poster that I would be happy to answer any questions via private message instead of posting a blow by blow account of my experience with the lyrics. I was compelled to activate an account here and respond to his or her question because I, myself, have received valuable information while lurking on this forum for the past several years. I guess I wanted to offer my experience as others have offered to me. I didn’t mean for my initial post to come off as suspicious. My mistake.

Hey justagirl, I didn’t think there was anything suspicious about your first post. I understand being self-conscious about wearing them. I am still after a couple of years. I have learned they are much less noticed by others than we realize. Several times lately someone I know has talked to me, been beside me, behind me, etc. and never noticed them.

Recently I was fiddling with my phone at work, trying to find a ringtone that sounded good with my bluetooth hearing aid phone clip and a guy ducked his head in and said is that you. I said yes, I’m trying to find a ringtone that I can hear well. He said, you having trouble hearing? I said yes, and showed him my hearing aids. From his reaction he obviously had not noticed them.

I have very short hair but the RIC style really doesn’t show. My audiologist told me that the only people who notice the new hearing aids are people who wear them and people who dispense them. People with longer hair can completely hide them.

But, who cares if they do show? It’s just a device, and tiny at that. It doesn’t affect anyone else or take anything away from their life, so people you come in contact with just don’t care. Saying what, huh, what was that again, etc. is much more noticable. My favorite is when I smile and nod but it was a specific question, or worse, I answer the specific question or comment completely inappropriately and you get that confused or insulted look on the other person’s face.

Having said all that I would probably try the Lyric if it was not so expensive and if I was a candidate. Starkey makes the Soundlens which is advertised as invisible in the canal (IIC) and it might be more economical. Siemens has one out too but if you have hair that covers your ears then they are all invisible.

Good luck with your trial. Keep us posted on how things are going.

Thanks for the offer, justagirl…I may take you up on that!

For me, it might be better to get a happy medium…an aid that is not invisible but not one that is overt either. I am in the tv news business as a news anchor, and it would look strange for viewers to see me wearing the aid during the news. Then again, maybe my normal earpiece/IFB would work ok during the news and I can take the aid off.

Also, I don’t like the idea of that hearing aid deep inside my ear. Will it itch? It might drive me crazy.

I’ll know more after my consultation next week.

For professional purposes, the Lyric is deep enough that it would not show on camera unless you turned 135 degrees off axis to the camera to reveal your ear canal (and even then, maybe not, although it is bright yellow). However, Lyric may interfere with placement of your monitor earpiece. And you can’t remove Lyric yourself temporarily when on air as you can with other “invisible” CIC aids. You can remove it in a dead-battery situation (it acts like an earplug then) or ear infection emergency, though it may be briefly painful when you remove it yourself and it isn’t particularly easy to do. If you remove it, an audiologist has to replace it.

Most users find Lyric itchy initially. Some people adjust. Some people don’t. (This can happen with other aids as well. Lyric is also often painful at first, and for some people, it remains painful.)

I apologize, Justagirl…it’s just my own paranoia from experience. Please don’t be put off…just seemed suspicious to my paranoid mind! I’ve seen posters who never posted a single thing suddenly talk about how “life changing and AMAZING” such-and-such hearing aids are…and it just pisses me off because (and you’ll understand THIS) unless you’re hearing impaired, you can’t appreciate the difficulties…and it’s preying on people in the interest of making a buck.

Please accept my apology…and I can totally relate to your challenges because I was thirty when I got hearing aids…and I’m vain and extremely female! That’s why I tried the Lyrics in the first place. I was disappointed when they didn’t work out for me.

Sorry again. Please stick around!

Don, Thanks for the feedback. It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who feels self-conscious about my hearing loss and wearing HA’s. It’s funny that you mention the Soundlens, as my Audi suggested that I trial those if the Lyrics don’t work out.

Hearing2011, Good luck with your consultation next week. You’ll have to keep me posted on if you decide to trial the Lyrics and how they work out for you.

Melissa, No worries! I find it admirable that you’re protective of the people on this board. Despite all my prior lurking, I honestly had NO idea that people came here to post fake HA reviews. That’s horrible! Thanks for the heads up. You’ll definitely be seeing me around! :slight_smile:

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve been on this board before and thought to return with some of my findings…

I tried the Kirkland Costco Brand hearing aid, and like another poster said, they worked well, but the feedback was ridiculous. :-z

I am now trying Lyric for FREE for 30 days and, so far, I’m pretty excited about them!

While there is pain, the hassle of maintaining aids whose batteries need to be changed often - often at inconvenient times, alongside my fear of loosing aids that don’t permanently stay in my ear (I lost one of costco’s hearing aid’s during the trial period so I could not return them w/o loosing half my money), at least for me, I’m willing to wait a few days to see if my ears get adjusted to the discomfort.

One really cool thing is that the volume of my aids were initially set to level 5 for my left ear and 6 (which is the maximum) for my right ear. After I left the office I felt the aids were really loud so I turned them both down to level 2 and could STILL hear great! For the first time that I can ever remember I heard something that my boyfriend could not hear and he hears EVERYTHING! Unbelievable.

So far the sophistication of the technology has far surpassed what I thought I could expect so I’m gonna deal with the pain and I really hope it goes away for me like I have heard it has gone away for others.

Speaking of, if you are someone who has Lyric where it began w/ pain and it has now subsided, I’d love to hear how long it took for the pain to go away in a reply to my post.

I do know that lyric is coming out with a new, smaller version, so I’ll be happy when those actually hit the market, because, at this point, my left ear canal is so small that lyric does not fit all the way in my ear like the lyric does on my right ear and I believe that is why my left ear is in greater pain.

I’m not one who cares so much about the lyric being invisible though I used to be so insecure about wearing visible ones that my life was overflowing with what?, huh?, blank stares, inappropriate smiling, nodding when verbal responses were required, miscommunications, false accusations, you name it, that I finally got sick of “looking like a fool”. Ironic huh? :o

Truly, after 15 years of avoidance, my aid wearing insecurity amounted to a far greater reason to be insecure and feel “foolish” then I would have felt had I worn them. Had I gotten aids earlier, I probably would be a LOT further along in life then I am now at 37 years old. I lost great boyfriends, awesome jobs, opportunities, good grades, etc. mostly due to a lot of miscommunications, guessing, insecurity, lack of self confidence, etc.

Anyway, FYI, even though one of the lyric doesn’t fit all the way to my canal, you can’t really see it. But again, if you could, I wouldn’t care. For me, I absolutely LOVE the concept of aids that don’t need daily in/out and battery maintenance, and can’t be lost. That’s why I’m trying Lyric out.

~ Summer

Day 3 of Lyric… less pain, but I’m still feeling it. It sorta feels a bit like an ear ache… :frowning: BEYOND painful from time to time. But the trade off, I’m still hoping, will be worth it.

I found talking in a crowd relatively easy to hear. My boyfriend did tell me I wan’t hearing everything perfectly but when I talk one on one with anyone, or if I’m in a smaller group, I can hold up pretty well.

This is a first for me as any other aid I’ve tried, whenever I was in a group setting, I couldn’t keep up.

Intimacy between my partner and I has deepened because I don’t feel uncomfortable or insecure when we cuddle because all feedback has disappeared with the lyric. He can cup my face and my head (covering my ears) with his hands; he can stroke my head and there is no aid in the way of getting knocked out of my ear or, flip to the other side of my ear, or to cause feedback. This alone gives me a HUGE sigh of relief. I’m no longer embarrassed by the annoyingly screeching sound that happened all the time with the kirkland hearing aids.

I still absolutely love them! I just hope the pain subsides because they will be unacceptable if the pain is ongoing.

I have taken 2 tylenols per day and that has helped.

One other concern is that I’ve been wondering if there are any consequences to having zero air flow to my ears. Anyone know?

Thanks and take care,