Lyric IIC or the OtoLens IIC..which way to go?

I am new to this sight and am looking for feedback from anyone who has had experience wearing both the Lyric & Otolens IIC. I am coming to the end of my second year subscription using the Lyric IIC and before renewal, wanted to see how it compares to the Otolens. Over the last 2 years, the Lyric IIC has worked very well for me 90% of the time and I cannot imagine being without it. My only frustration with the Lyric occurs when I want to go swimming and am unable to go completely under water. I have 2 young children who enjoy being in the water and my wearing the Lyric’s limits what I can do. I was thinking the Otolens would give me a little more freedom to participate in this activity…but not sure if I’d like to deal with having to take it in and out every day.

Any feedback is appreciated


What is your audiogram?

I’ve no experience with Lyric but I wear Otolens. You certainly can’t & shouldn’t wear Otolens whilst swimming or even shower with them. Otolens is a normal but deep fitting CIC. It’s not intended for use in water. If your only frustration is not being able to go completely under the water but otherwise happy with Lyric then you probably already have the best that you can get for yourself.

otolens you can take in and out as you please,lyrics you can’t.

You need to go to the ENT every three months for a replacement. So starkey is cheaper!!!

You may not have to change hearing aids to get what you want, jworwa, unless you need it NOW! My audiologist tells me that Lyric successfully completed tests earlier this year of improved Lyrics that can go underwater (swimming pool underwater, not deep sea diving underwater, that is) and will be working the improvements into their inventory sometime soon, maybe by early 2011. You don’t need to and can’t “special order” a waterproof model of Lyric, if I understood correctly; instead the company will be working the waterproof feature into the same model every subscriber gets as Lyrics get replaced routinely every three or four months. Ask you audi for details, and if the audi doesn’t know, ask him or her to call Lyric for more information. And please post back here if you find out some or all of this information is wrong, so I don’t keep spreading misinformation.

I’m not too well informed as I am in Canada, the Lyric is not available yet and I have only seen the Otolens. I would be concerned about warranty-length and repair costs for the otolens, I can only assume that it will need service similar to or exceeding that of a regular CIC. This alone can raise the price significantly after the warranty expires. At least with the Lyric you know exactly what your cost will be and can budget accordingly. Unsure how the overall costs will compare over the course of 4-5 years of use.

Most Otolens aids come with a 3 year full warranty including loss and damage. Extending the warranty after the initial manufacturers warranty is an option also…

dr. amy