Lutein for hearing health?


I would agree with you. However, not sure this would be in the same camp as lidocaine for MI or estrogen for postmenopausal women. That would insinuate that low sodium could actually be harmful to the ear, which I don’t think there’s any case for.



I was mainly trying to make the point that we are often wrong. Regarding sodium in general however, I was reading something recently regarding hydration and extended exercise. It’s thrust was that there are multiple recorded deaths from hyponatremia from overhydrating, but none from dehydration. Too little salt in the right situation could kill you. Too much can kill you too, but that will usually only happen with out of control diabetes or with medical interventions.



Nutritional research in general is a quagmire. I look at all of it with suspicion. : P

Interesting to hear though.

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Fair enough. There’s more data for low salt helping hearing than lutein though!



Lutein is for eyes mostly



Likely. The only evidence I know of for lutein is for macular degeneration. I looked briefly at Meniere’s treatment and steroids, diuretics and low sodium seems to be hallmarks. Wasn’t able to really determine if there’s much rationale behind it beyond: Edema in the ear–diuretics and low sodium should help. It would be nice to have a better understanding of what’s going on–ie., why the edema. For example, if one treats ascites or 3rd spacing with diuretics, one can get into trouble pretty quickly since the edema is more of a consequence of low albumen or “leaky vessels” than fluid overload. Diuretics are certainly a hallmark of hypertension and chf treatment and low sodium is generally advised, but I’ve yet to see overpowering evidence that low sodium is critical. Have seen some stuff suggesting that it’s more the ratio between potassium and sodium diet that is beneficial rather than strictly restricting sodium. DASH diet is based on this.



You are correct to infer that Meniere’s is the result of a fluid pressure problem in the cochlea. I don’t think we actually know why at this point, however. Focus may know more. I believe that some of the more seemingly obvious ideas about what was causing the problem were tested and dismissed, but that was back in 2015 that I was reading about that.



Although they call Meniere’s a disease, it really sounds like a syndrome.



I once saw an article which said Acetyl-L-Carnitine is good for hearing loss…
Anybody has any luck with this supplement?



Did you try extended-release niacin? I’ve been taking super-high doses of niacin since my cardiologist prescribed it 8 years ago. I went through all the flushing, itching, and pain until I was able to get a prescription for niacin XR, and it was amazing the difference it made.

I find that it’s also available over the counter. I bought it at Costco until they stopped carrying it, and I get it from CVS now. No flushing for a long time.



Does your doctor still prescribe niacin? I thought those recommendations changed a few years ago?



I thought the awful FLUSH was the underpinning of taking niacin for ear health. The blood absolutely GUSHING to one’s ears (to say nothing of the entire rest of the body) would supposedly feed the vessels there. Kind of like targeting a tumor with a bazooka gun: it’ll definitely take out a tumor, albeit along with its host. :unamused: