Loyd's hearing aids

Does any one have any information from purchasing hearing aids from Loyd’s hearing aids at loydhearingaid.com I’m looking for customer reviews either good or bad.



That link didn’t work for me Mary.

Mary, I have had a good experience buying from Lloyd’s hearing aid. It’s a good place to purchase an analog aid if anyone is searching for that type.

Look up Lloyd’s hearing aids

following info from lloydhearingaid.com they seem to have an OK reputation, but am still searching. Anybody tried a Lloyd?

cheers, elijah

from Lloydhearingaid.com:

Dear Friend,

I would like to let you in on two secret facts the rest of the hearing aid industry was hoping you would never discover.

*Fact #1: The overall user satisfaction rate of people purchasing hearing aids from regular dealer offices and audiology clinics is only 58%. Not really very good.

*Fact #2: The overall satisfaction rate amongst Lloyd’s customers is 86%. This is substantially higher than any other area of hearing aid dispensing.

How can this be? First, we remain totally committed to providing you the best value for your dollar. Most of you know that an average hearing aid shouldn’t cost $1,850! We cut out those huge dealer commissions.
Second, we don’t believe in high-pressure sales. With our 45 day free trial (only custom-built aids require a $50 return fee), you have an opportunity to be certain you like the instruments and they give you the help you need. The last thing we want is a pair of Lloyd aids sitting unused in your drawer. If you don’t like them, simply return them, no questions asked. What can be fairer and simpler than that?

Finally, our forty five years of experience has shown us what works and the importance of working closely with our customers. At Lloyd’s you’ll be treated like a person, not a number.

Browse this site and see how easy it is to order from home. Join the hundreds of thousands who have found the solution to high-priced hearing instruments.

Yours Truly,

Andrew Palmquist

P.S. Try us today. Our quality, prices and service are unbeatable.

*MarkeTrak IV survey by independent researchers - full survey available upon request.

I have used Lloyd to order custom molds of several types, tubes for my BTE’s, and new elbow hooks for my BTE’s. These were for aids that I had purchased in another state and hadn’t found a new Audi after moving, so I was “doing-it-myself” for a while. I had a problem with the coloring of one set of molds, but they re-did them for me for free and actually upgraded them to the best model. So I would highly recommend them, with the understanding that I haven’t ever ordered hearing aids from them. Good luck :slight_smile:

In November of 2017, I bought one hearing aid, Joy model, from Lloyds, and I complained about it and sent it back, and they would supposedly fix something with it and it still wasn’t right. Emails and mail back and forth, finally, after about 4 months of this nonsense, I sent it back asking for a full refund. They have refused and want to send me another one!

Once they get your money, you won’t get it back. Customer Satisfaction is not really their thing.

You’re better off finding a walk in place where they can adjust the hearing aid right there, or if need be, return your money. This online stuff is a rip off!

On April 6, 2018 Lloyd’s Hearing Aid Corp has returned all my money as requested . I was not threatened in any way and Mr Andy Palmquist handled this matter in a very professional manner.

I dealt with Andy and found him to be a concerned, caring individual. You got your money back. You asked for a refund well after the normal return period for HA sales. Then you made it all his fault?