Low Tone Hearing Problem w/TMJ



I am going to be trialing this too, come Friday. I hope for good results. I have thought about waiting too, as the next instrument may be better, but I do know I need the help now. I just wish it was written in stone somewhere what the best instrument for me was without having to go thru alot of hoops to get there.

Good Luck.



I decided to book an appointment with an audi who works out of a hospital, who comes highly recommended. She is not a hearing aid dispenser, but is very knowledgeable about aids and will make a recommendation based on an indepth assessment of my experience so far, and my audiogram. I can’t get in until August, so that is too bad now that I have adjusted to many aspects of wearing an aid. I feel there are just too many options for me to assess properly on my own, so I want an opinion from someone with no vested interest in what i ultimately purchase.

Which aid are you going to trial Khenkels?



Hi Ahawton:

She is going to have at least 3 instruments available when I go on Friday as she knows I am driving a long way - 3 hours one way. She mentioned the Audeo, Moxi and another one in the Unitron mix and she was going to see if anything else would work for me after we spoke. She was at a conference last week, and I emailed her regarding the Next HA (unitron) to see if it would work. I am going in skeptical but open minded and hope this works out wonderfully - with me being able to hear much better than in the past.



I’ll cross my fingers for you! Good luck…



Well, it has been awhile since I have been on here. I still have my Widex Passions but I am in the process of upgrading. I will be trialing the Widex EVOKE, Oticon OPN, and the GN resound Quattro by recommendation of my Audi. Any advice or comments on these? Hearing test is in profile.