Low Tone Hearing Problem w/TMJ


Which aids do better with a low tone deficiency? I have an unusual hearing problem my doctor and technician have said. I have had hearing aids before back in 1993; these were CIC, and they drove me nuts. They hurt my ears every time I swallowed or moved. This, after repeated adjustments was found to be because of TMJ surgery I had back in the 80’s. So any aid in the canal will not work for me. They have mentioned the Oticon Delta (no model). Please Help.



Any power aid that produces sufficient power to handle your low frequency loss will probably work. Check the fitting charts for adequate power on the lows. Not all aids produce high power at low frequencies.

About the your canal problems…to develop power at low frequencies all aids will require a tight seal with no vent (Occluded). This means your voice will sound awful at first but you will get used to this after a while. Of course you will need a BTE and I would guess a solid tight fitting mold. Ed



For a low frequency loss, the Delta may not be the optimum choice, as even with the use of their micro mold, the instrument and receivers don’t put out lows as well as highs.

You may want to look instead at the Phonak Micropower (receiver in the ear like the Delta, but much stronger) or any other BTE using a regualar tube and earmold.

Unless you have a very severe loss in the lows, the molds shouldn’t have to be so tight, as there is less chance of feedback with a low freq loss and the feedback cancellation works so well on most higher end digital hearing aids.



Try A Oticon Safran
With A Corda




Do you have this one? What made you choose this one over any of the others? Thank you.



Thank you. May I ask why you chose the phonak Micropower for me? Is is because as you said above that it puts out lows as well as highs? Are there other benefits?



I guess I need to do alot of research as I do not understand the “enough power” of the aids and how it is not going to give me too much of the higher pitch noises to boot.



Here are my results:

L 250 - 45 R -50
L 500 - 50 R -45
L 1000-45 R -45
L 2000-55 R -50
L 4000-55 R -30
L 6000-20 R - 0



Think of a hearing aid as miniature audio amplifier with a bunch of tone controls for the lows, mids, and highs. For your type of loss you turn the low tone control up and the others down. Of course in reality, the tone controls are in the fitting software.

Look at the manufacturer’s Fitting Chart of each aid and you will see if they are powerful enough for your needs (your Audiogram) at all frequencies.

As stated above the type of mold will be very important so as to develop enough power at the low frequencies. And you may find that your professional will block the vent in the mold which means you will have to get used to your own voice sounding strange. Ed




Thank you very much. That was very understandable. I am going to look at some of the aids now with what I have learned…then to see which ones are carried in my area.

Thank again!



Hello Everyone:

I wanted to give you an update as everyone has been so helpful. I postponed (cold feet) getting my HA for awhile but am getting them today.

I am getting the Oticon Delta 6000’s to try for 30 days, if that does not work we will go on to something different. I do not know what that something different will be yet - maybe one of the newer models coming out???

I will post my experience with them. :slight_smile:



I received my hearing aids this afternoon. My first impression was WOW, as I heard the squeaking of a chair and all those high pitched things really well. I left the office after putting them on and him showing me how to change the tips. I left and went to Target. As I was walking around the store I could hear people speaking (that were near) but could not understand what they were saying. I went to check out and the clerk asked a question…my response…what did you say? OMG!!! Please dont tell me I did not hear this person that is not a foot away from me. I left and went back to the Audiologist office and told him of my experience. He adjusted background noise as that is what he thought was the problem. After other shopping, same thing. Went back, he adjusted something again. Then, I received a phone call, this is where I can usually hear well as I have my phone on LOUD. I could not hear the caller…went back for another adjustment…phone is a little better. I am watching TV, and everything seems loud, but still having problems understand everything said…I can see this is going to be a long…process to the end. :frowning: :confused:



It’s great you were able to re-visit the Audiologist directly after the shopping episodes. Hopefully things will work out.



If any of you experts have any advice that I can pass on to assist in getting this programmed correctly please do so…I do not think my audiologist is familiar with the closed dome that can be fitted as when I mentioned it he said all I needed was the regular fit tip. If you see above I am pretty flat, but it was mentioned that I might need to be fitted with a dome. Thanks!

I wanted to add to this post and say the best thing about the Deltas and I guess all of the open fit for me is you do not even realize you are wearing them as far as the feel goes…and my ears are very sensitive.



My first full day with my HA was a little better, still not able to hear with clarity some voices. The clicks, paper etc is loud and clear. I am also going to have to get a smaller ear tip on the right as it bothers me some and it is just sitting at the edge of the ear opening - any further and it is very bothersome. I am using an 8 now, and understand they make a 6. I think with a few more adjustments that these aids will work. I just hope that I can get my Audi to work with me and not want to just TURN them up like he did the first day.



I also have low frequency hearing loss. I have just had trial periods with the Moxie Element 8, which I found had too much background noise for me to tolerate. I tried the Delta 8000, which wasn’t bad for clarity and handled the background noise much better. I just got some Indigos to try today - so far i’m not thrilled, but i’m fighting a cold so it might just be my ears are blocked and I need to give it more of a chance.

I’ve been disappointed that these aid can make things louder, but not necessarily clearer. I have heard that you need to retrain your brain to hear sounds properly, and since I am new to HAs I am hoping things might improve if I stick it out. Does anyone have experience with the Indigo, or thoughts on clarity improving over time (or is that wishful thinking??)




I understand about the loudness but not the clarity. That is where I am too. I hope your Audi performed REM, as mine does not not and now I am in the process of moving to another audi who performs verification testing. I could have trialed every hearing aid,but they were not going to work for me. Are you using the open fit tip or are you using a closed type dome? Good Luck to you.



get a vigo pro rite
it should be closer in price and supperior in performance



I have an open fit dome, which is pretty comfortable - i just hope its the best solution for me. The audi does do REM, and she says I’m getting what I need in terms of power in the low frequencies for my hearing loss. Still I worry i’m going to spend a lot of money for something that is not overly useful.

I’ve been frustrated by how much time i’ve spent going back and forth the to audi to try different models and have them adjusted. A few weeks ago I told the audi I was considering not purchasing any aids right now and just waiting to see if new aids come along that are better suited to my needs. She said i’d be risking the nerves atrophying due to lack of stimulation, and losing the ability to get hearing is my low regions back in the future, even if I use aids. She has a vested interest in me purchasing aids, which makes me wonder how true that is, vs trying to push me to buy some aids from her.

xbulder - thanks for the tip on the vigo pro rite - my current audi does not fit that, but i think i’ll try seeing someone else to give it a try before I purchase anytihng.



This is so confusing…the Audi I am going to on the 16th said the Vigo Pro rite would never work for me…that is whay I am trialing now with open fit. She is recommending the Audeo or Moxi or Yuu. What gives?



I’ve had the Indigos for about 10 days now, and I thought i’d give some feedback. I am now finding that I am getting better clarity when when watching tv and listening to presentations. I find group settings with lots of conversation too loud, but i’m guessing that can be adjusted. I have to see the audi the end of this week, and i’m torn between just buying these aids and not focusing on them so much, and giving them back and waiting till the new Deltas come out in the fall and see how they are. Does anyone know if I am correct in thinking that the new Deltas will have the same platform as the Epochs?