Low Speech discrimination

I am 22 and have never worn hearing aids regularly. I recently had my speech discrimination test which was about 40% in both ears and according to my audiologist no hearing aids will help much in term of speech and clarity and i may get 10% or 15% improvement. He also advised that i should look for low or mid end hearing aids and not high end. I am really now confused and depressed and i don’t know what to do. Should i get the hearing aids? which one should i look for?

I will really appreciate your help. Thank You

You can normally trial HAs. That will prob help with deciding on whether aids would work.

My loss is roughly the same with the first 2 freqs the same as the rest of yours. I can’t hear any speech or noises without but with HAs especially the Naidas, they’ve opened up my world. I have the III S UP Naidas as with my loss, they say I wouldn’t expect anymore benefit with the mid or high range aids.

That what my audiologist said, where i live audiologist dont give trials. Maximum i am getting is 3-4 days. My audiologist only has oticon but i think Phonak Naida will work better for me especially with sound recover? With only one time shot which one should i go for Oticon or Phonak. Sorry If i am asking to many questions, I am having a hard time making the decision.

Thank You

Oticon don’t do sound recovery so I personally would for sure go with Phonaks.

There is other Phonak aids which has sound recovery as well as the Naidas.

One thing with sound recovery is, it doesn’t sound normal as it moves frequencies about to allow you to hear sounds. They may sound horrible at first but after a couple of weeks, they will start to feel normal. The sound recovery can be played with so if it’s very horrible, keep going back to your Audi for adjustment.

I personally thought it didn’t sounded awful when I got mine and the same with my friend as well.

Just looked at the other Phonak aids. You would be maxed out in some freqs with the other Phonaks. Naidas SP or UP, you wouldn’t be maxed out.

Your 250 freq won’t fit in the Naida UPs but it is only 5db to good for the Naida UPs so I would ask if your Audi could fit the UPs coz then you will have power to spare and better battery life as well. :slight_smile:

Thank You so much NaidaUP. You have been very helpful.

Get the Naida III S SP/UP as it has an enhanced sound recovery so it better then the Naida III SP/UP and it’s normal sound recovery.

Where do you live?

I would try them, if even only for a few days but I would agree that given your loss something with frequency shifting (Phonak, Widex, or Starkey) would probably work best.

I have seen people with very poor word recognition get tremendous benefit from hearing aids. I’d say give it a go and if it doesn’t work, then look at other alternatives.

I live in Pakistan. I have seen lot of brands but i didn’t come across a good audiologist yet. When i tried Phonak Naida S, it seem different than the other aids so i maybe going with the Niada S 3 SP for now.

I have the same problem.