Low Sound

If I am getting low sound in my digital hearing aids that is already way up, do you think I might be losing some more of my hearing?

I think I am little by little since I hear fine with my right ear with these digital hearing aids.

Are you having this problem with the Widex Inteo or any other open fitting hearing aid?

If you are, it may be that too much of the sound is escaping out of the ear. The solution may be a custom mold to attach to the open fit hearing aid where the venting can be restricted a little to compensate.

The other reason may be that since you are switching from analog to digital WDRC instrument, it may be lowering down loud sounds, including the perception of your own voice too much. Thus lessening the amount of compression may help.

I am not having any problem with these Widex hearing aid. My audiologist check the hearing aids and she put the volume way up that she didn’t want to put anymore to protect my ear. She told me that it might be my left ear not the hearing aid.

I will try again tomorrow when I go to work if I have anymore problem with low sound with my left ear.