Low Frequency Loss

I have low frequency loss, plus tinnitus, vertigo and fluctuating hearing. At one time hearing aids helped me tremendously but now, after a recent drop in my hearing, I cannot find a hearing aid which will give me clarity. I have a cochlear implant in my right ear and a Phonak Naida V hearing aid in my left. I have recently tried Oticon, GN Resound at the moment I am trying Phonak Naida UP and not getting good results. My audiologist is really trying to help me and trying different strategies but I am still struggling.

Just wondering if anyone with low frequency hearing loss has had the same problem or have a hearing aid which has helped. I realise what will help one person may not help another but I would still be interested to hear anyone`s experience.

Thank you.

I have a low frequency loss as well. I wear the Oticon OPNs and they do a good job for me in non-noisy situations. From talking with people who are very knowledgeable about low frequency hearing loss, Oticon is possibly the best for us because their default programming uses VAC which doesn’t over amplify the lows. I’ve also heard good things about Resound aids. The key is proper programming though. Have you read anything by Neil Bauman? He has a good article with a specific recommendation for properly programming hearing aids for low frequency hearing loss. Also what is your word recognition for the aided ear? If it’s low a hearing aid will merely make unintelligible speech louder.

Thank you very much for your input, much appreciated.
A year ago I had a hearing test and below are the results. Your question re: what is your word recognition…I have to confess I really do not understand all these figures so I hope you can make some sense of the figures below:-

0250 Hz L - 90
0500 Hz L - 85
1000 Hz L - 90
2000 Hz L - 80
3000 Hz L - 75
4000 Hz L - 80
6000 Hz L - 90
8000 Hz L -100

Speech Audiometry
MCL 95 db
UCL 105 db
95 db
Discrimination in quiet:
60% (my hearing has dropped since these results but I do not have a copy).

I will check out the article by Neil Bauman.

Thanks again.

Here’s the link to his article. It’s very lengthy, but packed with information about our type of hearing loss. http://hearinglosshelp.com/blog/the-bizarre-world-of-extreme-reverse-slope-hearing-loss/

You may of started off with a LF hearing loss, but your loss now is basically flat from the lows to the highs. Neil Bauman’s loss started off as a LF loss but today his is also a flat loss as well. I would say your getting to the point where you will need another CI if you want to be able to hear out of your left ear.

Thank you for explaining in more detail re my hearing loss. So now I am not in the low frequency category, not sounding good. It is as it is. As for another CI which I would love to have it is out of the question. I am in Canada and the government allows a person to have one CI with no expenses incurred and if you require another one then you have to foot the bill. I do not have that kind of money not only that (I am in my late 70`s) and reality tells me it would not be good to do this. If I was younger I would probably take out a loan and reap the benefits of improved hearing for many years.
Thanks for the link on Neil Bauman…I would really like to send it to my audiologist who has gone above and beyond to try and help me but I hesitate in sending it to him in case he feels that I think he needs help!!! I do not want to hurt his feelings.
Many, many thanks for your time.

Unfortunately, your loss in your left ear is probably aided as well as it can be done with the HA technology that is out there. I’ve read several of Neil Bauman’s articles and even he is having trouble because his loss has also flattened out over the years.

I sent an email to Neil Bauman explaining my situation hoping he could give me some answers as well. (I sent him my hearing test results).My intention was if he had some answers I would tactfully mention this to my audiologist. Anyhow Neil Brauman replied that his article would not help me because I do not have reverse slope hearing loss, it is as you have said flat hearing loss and he went on to say I really have a reverse cookie hearing bite loss but the loss has so little slope to it that that essentially it is flat. He said all that I could do would be to keep trying different hearing aids and hope there will be one that may give me some clarity.
Thanks again for all your input.

What you need to do is find an audiologist whose goal isn’t just a quick sale. You would need longer trials and more attention. If you don’t find a local source willing to do that, Costco does that. You would ask for WRS testing while aided to get an idea of your aided improvement. This would be done after about a month to allow you to acclimate to that particular aid. Costco has brands from 4 of the 6 major vendors. If that doesn’t work out, you have Starkey and Widex left to try. You would want a walk around in Costco trying all the aids. Take a friend or family member with you to chat in various area in the store. Talk to the demonstrators to get an idea of different voices. Understand that cursory look is just scratching the surface; it will take 4-6 week to acclimate fully to the aid you choose.

You might also check with the local hospitals to see if they have a hearing department. An ENT w. an AuD on staff is also a possible choice. Possibly you GP can give you info on this area of help.

I would really like to send it to my audiologist who has gone above and beyond to try and help me but I hesitate in sending it to him in case he feels that I think he needs help!!!!!! I do not want to hurt his feelings.

kenji you should read before you do your substandard cut & paste.Le

Don’t recall that stopping you in the past. :rolleyes:

Are you drinking again? the OP didn’t want to hurt HIS AuD feeling.

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Are you drinking again? the OP didn’t want to hurt HIS AuD feeling.

— Updated —

Are you drinking again? the OP didn’t want to hurt HIS AuD feeling.

When did you start to stutter?

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I have found a wonderful audiologist who insists that unless there is a tremendous difference in the new hearing aids I an trying out compared with my old ones, it would be foolish to purchase. So far I have tried 4 different hearing aids GN Resound Enzo - Oticon - Phonak 1X UP and Phonak 1X SP. I have struggled to hear with each one. Not sure what the next one will be. But I am very grateful that I have found this audiologist who like some is not after a quick sale.
I have also thought of Costco and that it would be a could test to walk around their store and see what the performance is of the hearing aid I am trying out.
Thanks for your input, much appreciated.

I was recently discussing CIs with my neurotologist as I expect I may need one at some point. He informed me that the Canadian government only allows (and pays for) one implant per adult, which confirms what you are saying, Marion. Not only that, but apparently even if a Canadian resident purchases their own CI elsewhere (in the U.S., for example), the government would then impose a sanction on any Canadian neurotologist who performed the procedure, to the tune of them being heavily fined and/or losing their license to practice! I’m not sure whether that sanction applies specifically to ENTs practicing in my province (Alberta) or whether it is a national issue. He voiced extreme frustration with the current Canadian system and said that ENTs have been trying to improve these policies for years, to no avail. He strongly encouraged me to get involved in hearing loss advocacy on a local and/or national level. In theory, the more people complain, the more likely they are to be heard.


That is diabolical that a neurotologist could be fined or lose his license. I appreciate that we are allowed one CI and if a person is able to purchase a second one them there should be no penalisation to anyone involved. I agree the more people to complain the more likely they are to be heard.


It must be okay if you went to another country to have the procedure done and paid for it yourself. I can’t see the Canadian government giving you any grief if you go elsewhere if you want to hear better.