Low Carb Diet has led to hearing improvement!


Fresh produce loses nutritional value over time after it is picked. So it’s not so much where it was grown, but how long it took to travel to your table that is the trouble.

Or, in my case, how long it sits in the fridge.


Low Carb and/or weight loss can reduce inflammation. In some cases, inflammation in the ear area can strangle the blood flow. When you loose excess weight which also reduces inflammation, you can get some hearing back if that is the cause of your loss. Some bariatric patients have had this result after weight loss, so it is not rare, but maybe not docmented.


Reduced blood flow to the ear damages the ear, yes, but the ear does not heal once it has been damaged.


I agree with you there. I believe that there was still blood flow but reduced blood flow. I’m no expert on this in any way. Reduced blood flow is one of the hazards of diabetes, but my ENT doesn’t think that is why I suddenly lost hearing. He has his theories though.