Low-buck REM

Got a “sick” AudioScan RM500. Throws a boot error. Missing a coupler. Some loose bits. This is just to keep me off the streets while everything is shut-down. And to gain some idea what I want to ask my Audiologist to test when things get back to normal.
It is at least 25 years old, a real tank compared to today’s Verifit. And mono.

I can not find the operator manual (I looked good). Just an article boasting of its features.

Today I annoyed the household with real-ear runs. Here is my best run, next to examples from the article.

Taken literally, I’m getting little speech above 3kHz. However I am sure the probe tube is not positioned correctly near my eardrum. Also I suspect that DSL is a more aggressive prescription than my Audi set for a first-time user. I am getting much better speech intelligibility, I am hearing past 3kHz, so I don’t take this tired sick machine’s report too seriously.

This is interesting. With your background it should keep you occupied for a while. Vested interest.

Something I learned about instrumentation, besides accuracy there is repeatability. Accuracies can be off but if a measurement is consistently repeatable it gives you something to go by.

I suspect that would be compared to any hearing aid manufacturer software without REM.

By moving the mic placement near the eardrum and running the REM, if results vary with this movement it proves how important placement is in that eraser sized area.

User Manual here https://docs.audioscan.com/userguides/RM500SLmanual.pdf

Thanks; but the RM500_SL_ is a significantly improved machine over the RM500P that I have. I have and have been reading the SL manual because core functionality is similar. But the SL does many things not (apparently) implemented in my P, aside from faddish frills like USB and networking, and better display.

Sorry I did not mention that. (I’m probably the most active visitor on the Audioscan doc-server this month, and the cause of many 403 Forbidden and 404 Not Found errors.)

Sorry. I thought I had found the silver bullet. I hope you can find it.
Someone found one here: audioscan rm500 manual - Question2Answer Q&A

Thanks for helping!! However…

That site not only wants a registration, they want a credit card. They say they won’t charge the CC for a standard membership. However I do NOT have a credit card this week because SOMEBODY connected my VISA to my ApplePay. I do not have ApplePay so I blocked the card and am waiting on a new issue.

On further study-- that site is seriously shady. Clicking the top links seems to crash the browser (FF or Chrome). Try opening the naked domain findsqa{dot}com and you see the same “thread” but now without “RM500”. Whatever you are looking for, it will fake a download link, get your credit card, and then… ??? The present DNS started 2019-11-06, suspiciously recent for the huge number of files they claim.

Bummer. When they start asking for a cc just of id purposes, it’s time to leave.
Good luck with your endeavor. Keep us posted.

There companies that offer a single use credit cards. Never used one but this makes me think it might be a thing to look into.