Loving my Starkey Picasso i2400


Hi all, I just want to share how it is going with my new Starkey Picasso i2400 IIC. I am loving it!!! I have had severe high frequency loss on one side only since I was a little kid. I am now 46 years old. Back then there was nothing offered to me as far as help or support for this kind of loss. I just thought it was cool that I didn’t hear the crickets out of one side and did not think any more of it.

Looking back, I realize that it probably did make some social situations a bit more draining or difficult for me than others, but it was subtle. I did have some speech therapy for the “s” sound…but that ended at some point in elementary school.

Fast forward to ten years ago. I tried a HA for the first time. It was a Sonic Innovations mini BTE. I loved it at first. I am a teacher, so I loved how it helped me to hear soft-spoken students that were not in the first row.

However, I didn’t love that you could see it when I wore my hair up. I also had a really hard time fully accepting that I really should be wearing a HA at all, since I had gone through life without anything, and my hearing hadn’t changed. Part of me felt like I was being overly dramatic.

Every summer vacation, I would stop using it. I also tried an America Hears BTE so I could adjust it myself whenever I liked, and that was good, but once summer came, I stopped using it. I would go back and forth using it or not. I tried an IIC but I don’t think it was well made or adjusted. It didn’t sound good at all. That got lost in the back of a drawer, too.

I didn’t use a HA at all for a couple of years, and then early this spring I started to notice that I was misunderstanding the kids in my class more often. Sometimes I would just guess what they said and guess wrong. Some kids would whisper and I never caught them. Sometimes I didn’t realize someone was calling me from my bad side. That was nothing new, but overall it was getting harder to hear at my job. My daughter always seemed to be mumbling from the back seat of the car. I was always yelling at her to speak up, as if it was her fault.

So, I went and got a hearing test, and it turned out that the severe high frequency loss has crept down more now, so it’s severe from 3000 and above. Also, I had a mild high frequency loss in the good side. The day I got tested it was at 8000. However, I think it is jumping around and fluctuating.

I explained to the audi and HIS that I really want to try an IIC again. The cosmetics are something that are important to me, whether it should be or not, that’s just where I am right now. The audi tried to discourage me at first, but then she changed and recommended the Starkey Picasso i2400, with the most expensive technology option available. The HIS took the impression, and I was off to wait.

This morning I picked it up, and I LOVE IT!! He set it a bit too low probably. I will go back on Monday and ask him to turn it up a bit more. However, I already love it. It is sooo comfortable. It is like wearing nothing. I only hear better. I don’t want to take a shower because I’ll have to take it out. I can’t wait to try it out in more situations and on the job. I haven’t told my daughter and husband I am wearing it…I’ll wait for them to say something. Also, if anyone does happen to notice the little plastic pull cord, I don’t care!! I love being able to understand people without working so hard at it. I had been compensating for my hearing loss by trying harder and spending more energy on understanding, especially in the last few months, but that’s over now.



Update: I had a fine tuning today. I took a lot of notes over the weekend and shared them with my HIS. I LOVE this even MORE!! I took a walk with my daughter this afternoon and heard birds all around me. I heard her clearly from either side. I don’t ever want to be not wearing this. I love swimming, and that is the only time I will not be wearing this, other than bathing or sleeping.

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Update #2: I went in for a quick adjustment today. My husband’s voice was too loud. Also, the air conditioner and fans were coming in too loud. I tried a pair of over- ear headphones and found the right side was louder than the left side. This has been adjusted now. It is so natural sounding. I LOVE IT!!!

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It’s always great to hear a success story! Glad you’re liking your new aids.

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Thanks shootingstar!! It’s soo much better than going without. I think I am going to look into getting a Surflink Remote so I can have some different settings, too.