Loved Soundlens original but disappointed with Oticon IIC and SoundLens2

I’m wondering if anyone has had an experience like mine. I started with Starkey Soundlens hearing aids about 3 years and have been completely satisfied ever since. They are 100% invisible, have no detectable occlusion and sound great. I love them for music, especially. They have needed factory service 4-5 times over that period, but Starkey service has been excellent. Now that my insurance allows me to get a new pair, I opted for the Oticon Intiga IIC because they have better, high end frequency response (on paper) than the Starkeys, and I’m a former Delta user and, other than the style factor (ie, semi-visible), they were unbelievable. But even with a deep impression taken by a highly recommended and accomplished audiologist, the Intiga-I’s did not go in nearly as deep as the Starkeys and they were visible. They also had a significant amount of occlusion. So I decided to go with Starkeys again. But the new Soundlens-2s are different than the original model. There is an echo-y sound to them that muddles speech and the high-end is cut back. They fit the same so there is no occlusion, but the sound quality just isn’t as good, and that makes speech intelligibility and music enjoyment significantly less. I’ve gone round and round with my audiologist trying this and that, but nothing so far has worked. Has anyone else used both the Soundlens-1’s and Soundlens-2s and have an experience to share? Is there another genuine IIC (ie, not the Intiga-I) available that that might have as good a sound quality as the original Soundlens?