Love my Phonak table mic


Got it today to use with my Phonak B-R aids and Compilot with Roger received. Worked great talking at the table plus used it by the TV to pick up the audio a bit as I don’t have a TV streamer. ( Used to use my Resound mic for that when it was PBS and couldn’t hear clearly with the accents)

Got a Roger pen recently twhich has been great 1:1 with the lanyard, but quite disappointing in the interview mode. The range to point at someone and hear is very limited. barely across the table

All this stuff was an investment, but I couldn’t be happier with how it has helped me. Was in a huge funk with recent profound loss and now feel enciuraged not to be so isolated. Just feel bad for those who can’t manage the cost. I am wearing what was going to be our patio this year on my ears :crazy_face:But at least had that option. Now to start tosave up again

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Glad you like it.

I love using my Roger Select and Roger Clip On Mic.



Plug the pen into the TV.

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Can you use the select and the clip on mic together? As in running simultaneously.



Yes you can. :slight_smile:

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Any experience for using Roger select as TV transmitter?



Both the Clip On Mic and Select work well with the TV.



Good for you. I think our kitchen counter tops will have to wait too. I may be getting new aids 4000.



which one is better in sound quality and what cost of roger select you paid?
my link band 02 or 03 require if i have to use with another HA like widex signia ect?
may you guide me? version 1.1 or has newever ?



The Select works with either 02 or 03 band.

I’ve tried the Pen, Clip On Mic and the Select. I much prefer the Select.

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multiple connection possible on band 03? or just connect with one mic



Yes it’s possible with 03 band.

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I got the Select funded but it costs around £500 in the UK.