Loud sounds

So my audi told me that damage from loud sounds is cumulative. I no longer listen to multidigit decibel rock (I still listen but the sound level is lower) and I wear ear protection at the shooting range.
However, I’m one of those people who likes critters. Among the zoo here is a cockatoo and they are LOUD birds.
How do y’all handle the loud sounds in your everyday life now?

Use hearing protection or my BTEs shut off (custom molds) is how I do it.

Don’t worry about the birds. Prolonged exposure to 90dB + is what you have to worry about. At 110dB hearing loss can begin quickly.

Use common sense and be alert to damaging threats to your hearing.

That’s why I’m discussing my bird. The Moluccan Cockatoo, next size up from mine (I have an Umbrella Cockatoo) can screech at 135 decibels.

I’m thinking of ordering an acrylic cage which is advertised to cut down on sound up to 50%

When I’m working around machinery (e.g. running the snowbower today…because winter in Canada kind of sucks after a while!:mad: ) I have a pair of industrial-type earmuff I put on. I must say they’re quite glamourous!

I guess if I knew something was going to be loud with my new HAs in, I could hit the mute program on my controller. I also have some of those foam earplugs in the car in case I need 'em…

Loud sounds aren’t an issue for me (very profound loss) but I do want to second you “winter in Canada kind of sucks after a while:mad:” comment! When will the cold and the snow stop!!!

Profound loss doesn’t protect your ears from damage due to loud noise. although I understand your thinking. How much worse can it get. I guess you could end up with tinnitus. Anyway I tend to be sloppy with protection because i also have a profound loss. I do wear protection at the range when shooting, But my audiologist says since my ear molds are such a tight fit due to my loss I can just turn off my aids and my ears would be protected, while leaving the molds in place.

Pretty sad when -10C today felt “spring-like”!:stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure where you are, but the mass amounts of snow being dumped on downtown Toronto are far from spring like! Though I did get hot walking to campus today! -10 was a nice change:D

My loss is 110-120dB up to 1000hz with nothing past that. I can’t remember the last time I heard anything unaided. I think my right ear is worse than that now but we are waiting to see if it is just a fluctuation or an infection, or more loss. I have tinnitus already too.

Thunder Bay, ON…home of more Tim Horton’s per square metre, big pickup trucks with Calvin peeing logos, and long winters! :wink:

Oh yes, I understand! I grew up on the outskirts of Kingston, On!

I almost preferred the winters there! Toronto doesn’t understand snow!