Loud noises not being reduced so is it required for hearing aids

I have Starkey Halo 2 2400 hearing aids and they have not work properly for a long time when it comes to reducing load sounds like vacuum cleaner, woodworking tools. I have had them replaces several times and setting changed many time. Seems like a flaw in the hearing aid design. The hearing aids I had before these worked great and it was very noticeable when they changed.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

Is it required of hearing aid manufactures to have a way to reduce the volume when there are load sounds and if so at what decibel is this to happen?

Any comments would be appreciated.

Well, different companies do different things. OPN pass through more sounds than others and there it is a feature.

All aids do mute such sounds and prevent overload. What I think you are experiencing with the vacuum and such is annoyance more than added damage. Although, some woodworking tools might penetrate the reduction by the aids. In such cases, you need to wear ear protection. You might mute the aids in such environments but the Db reduction of full domes isn’t as great as muffs.

It similar to mowing the lawn where you need ear protection with or without aids.

If all aids mute the sounds I described to some degree wouldn’t one notice at least some reduction? I notice none. My vacuum is actually a central vacuum and the suction is very high and with a high amount of noise. My previous hearing aids made a noticeable reduction for the vacuum. I do use ear protection in my shop but was using as an example since a cutoff saw makes a lot of noise and there is no reduction if I don’t have ear protection on. I thing the aids should show some sign of reduction.

Don’t know what kind of loss you have or what domes or molds you use, but if you have any kind of open fitting, there’s not much aids can do to reduce noise.

Just turn the MPOs down in the highs.

That’s what I did to help with loud noises, it worked very well.

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Can you explain what the MPOs are?

Maximum power output. It’s a setting your specialist will have to change. Or buy a self programmer and do it yourself.

Thanks, I will look into that. I have the True Link software on my phone but not aware of a setting for that.

But if you’re wearing open domes, you’ll still find loud noises annoying.

The phone app can’t make fitting adjustments. It just does simple/minor adjustments.

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I do have open domes but just replaced them with domes that are not open and saw no change in noise reduction next to my cutoff saw but the noise was slightly softer right from the beginning. Vacuum is also quieter from the start with no further change.

The domes I used are from my old hearing aids and those hearing aids had a distinctive reduction after about 10 to 15 seconds of a loud noise.

I actually do have a setting called Comfort Boost that is suppose to work with reduction of noise. It does make a little difference. I have to turn it on each time I change memories. I can also just set mute and it works best. Just not convenient when the noise is on and off all the time.