Lost one Rexton Cobalt 12 hearing aid

After 8 years–and 18 with hearing aids–my nightmare came true. I lost a aid while traveling. Seems to have blow out during 22 mph wind at airport.

Took a really bad tax hit and don’t have the finances to buy a new aid. Would be perfectly happy with a USED one. My audiologist will program a used aid. Any idea where to find one? So far, online searches are not working. Have all the bells and whistles to go with mine.


Do a SearchTempest search on Google. There is one pair for sale in Long Island NY, they can be sent a text message @ 631-275-5277 and a couple other Rextons for sale in other locations. Good luck!

— Updated —

Seb…this was brilliant! Got 2 older Cobalts and had them programmed to suit. ($400 for 2) They don’t work with my tech, but are fine for now while I figure out which direction to go. Thanks!

Glad to hear you were able to get them! You should be able to take your Tech and have it paired to the HA’s, so it will work. Good luck!

— Updated —

Did not work with the Tech. Too old I think, or the audi didn’t want to (more likely). These will have to work until I decide what to do. I really want an iPhone solution and am watching here for reports.

Having trouble repairing one off my Rexton Cobalt 12 bte RIC aid. Would you still have still have the one you didn’t lose and would be willing to part with it?

I would have, but I gave it and the other equipment to my audi for a charity case.

Thanks for your reply. The aid works when hooked up to the computer but quits when the battery is installed.

I had problems with mine cutting out after an hour or two. Lloydshearing.com repaired them. Unfortunately, their lab wasn’t able to fix them. For a small added fee, Andy at Lloyd’s prevailed on his Siemon’s rep to get the guts replaced, even though the aids were over 5-years old. Can’t recommend them too highly for out of warranty repairs. (At the time the flat rate repair was $150 w. 6 mo warranty and the added cost was $100 to get Siemon’s to replace.)