Lost hearing aid!

Have any of you lost one or both of your hearing aids?

Back in March I took one of my aids out while driving because the battery died and I didn’t want the ear stopped up with a dead aid. I put the ha where I always put it, in the zipper compartment of my purse. Only this time I had also put two $50 bills there. Later when I bought something, I paid with a $50 bill. It wasn’t until I got home, that I realized my hearing aid was gone! After much searching, I figured out that it must have been stuck in the bill and had been dropped on the floor. I called the store immediately, but of course no one could find the aid. :frowning:

That incident sent me on the hunt for new aids as my others were over five years old.

So, I’m due to pick up my new Futures on Thursday. BUT… I misplaced my remaining aid a few hours ago and after much searching found it in a random but safe place.

I need a better system!!

I usually take my aids out when I use my cell phone or my land line phone and I can’t take any chances with my new ones I think I’ll have to buy the phone clip as problematic as it is and will buy a new bluetooth land line phone.

I’m sorry to hear about this. Not good, I know, BUT… the since the aids were more than five years old, you may feel the upgrade is worth the cost, anyway. Give it a shot and keep a good thought.

Some companies, like Starkey, offer coverage against loss as part of the warranty.

However, what I would advise any hearing aid user to invest in is something called ‘personal articles’ insurance. You can purchase it from most insurance companies, I know for a fact that State Farm offers it for hearing aids. You can insure a specific named item (the hearing aids) and specify a replacement cost. Should you ever lose them they will cut you a check for the insured value with no deductible. It is generally pretty cheap insurance, and well worth having on any jewelery or items like hearing aids that are going to cost more than $1000 to replace.

I always recommend having a special pouch where all my hearing aid instruments go including batterys and other accessories. Then it is easier to keep track of everything

contact your Audiologist that you see and ask about insurance for your hearing aids. New HA’s typically come with insurance that is part of the warranty- and is extendable for a fee. Remember, there is a one time loss coverage- If you are out of warranty OR you’ve lost your HA- you can insure it. There are a few companies that specialize in HA coverage- Contact your Audiologist and ask.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I did find the aid in a safe but not so logical place.

I picked up my ReSound Futures today! They come with a box and a pouch both of which I intend to use. And unless I get the phone clip, I intend to put my phone calls on speaker phone.


Let us know how those Futures work out for you. I was recommended the Rexton Insite+ Free @ Costco last Friday and hope to receive them soon. After reading others on this forum having excellent results with the Future, I asked if he felt they would work for me. The answer was he felt that the Insite+ Free would give me more headroom should I experience further loss.

Best of luck to you with your new HA’s.

I did nearly the same thing last winter. I was driving when I got had a call. I wasn’t wearing my Streamer so I took out my HA. I usually put them in the console but for what ever reason that night I put it in my lap. When I stopped at Home Depot it must have fallen on the ground. I didn’t realized that my HA was not in the console until I got home. I went back but it was snowing heavily that day and night and I never found it. So too have just replaced my HA. I went the Costco route this time and bought the Kirkland Signature HA. So far I have had them adjusted twice and I’m not real pleased. I think I’ll try one more adjustment and if that doesn’t work I will return them and try something new.

im sorry for your loss, i wish you luck in finding a new HA and hopefully your old one turns up.

sorry to hear about this,:o:o

My son left his hearing aid on the bus. It was never seen again despite being in a case with his name on it. Thank goodness we had insurance on it!

Good luck with your new aids.

I insured my Agil Pros with my homeowners for $70.00 per year. The aides would be covered if lost, without a deductible.