Lost HA, hard to replace

I had lost one HA that I received from the VA. I had a heck of a time trying to find and buy one single HA, and get it programmed. New, re-firb, it just was not easy in any way. Everyone wanted to sell me a pair of new one, and all I wanted was a matching Pure.

The VA would not sell me one and told me that they were not allowed to charge vets for HAs.

I’m ok now, I timed out and the VA set me up with a new pair of Oticon Opns and I’m 3 months into them.

Just wondered why it is so hard to buy a replacement.

Or, was it just me and a bad approach?

I bought my hearing aids from ebay used, and are perfect. The trick is finding a provider who will program them for you for a reasonable cost and without being grouchy about it.

Yup to that. My problem was finding only one.

Programming was also a topic that kept coming up, but I never got that far.

My interest is, what if I lose one today? What can I do?

Factory Direct Hearing sells single hearing aids. I’m not sure if they would have what you need, but you might want to contact them. Good luck.

They don’t have Oticon, but here is the example of single Widex aids (scroll down).

Why wouldn’t the VA replace it?

According to VHA HANDBOOK 1173.7…

a. Hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and artificial larynxes will be replaced when the instrument proves to be ineffective, irreparable, or the veteran’s medical condition has changed and a different device is needed. Devices will not be replaced because of age or a new make or model is available.

b. Devices may be replaced if the item was destroyed or lost due to circumstances beyond the control of the veteran. If negligence or willful action is suspected, the Chief, Audiology and Speech Pathology Service will determine whether a replacement may be issued, and depending upon the circumstances, VHA Headquarters may be consulted for an opinion.