Lost connection to iPhone with iOS update 15.2.1

I usually wait to see if anyone mentions issues before updating my iOS - and lost pairing between Smart 3D and my phone. So be aware there may be issues. Apparently it takes a trip to the audi to get phone re-paired with 3D.

I always forget my aids before doing any IOS updates, then pair my aids after the update has fully completed. It has served me well to do so.

Last couple of updates, I have been power cycling the iPhone after I put my aids in each morning. Resound aids. It was hit or miss for both aids connecting. I also follow Chuck’s process prior to updates.

Same with me. Totally hit and miss. Usually I can forget the Prezas, find them, and then reconnect them to fix the problem. But I have had to power cycle the iPhone to restore the connectivity a few times also.

Dummy here: by “power cycle” do you mean reboot the phone? Turns out my issue was a bit more complicated because my phone couldn’t even find my aids (Prezas needed updating). I’m thankful for Costco - immediate help with an issue like this, no appointment needed.

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I’m on 15.3 with no problems

I upgrade 1/20/22 and no problem hearing Medicare illegal scam marketers calls :frowning:

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IOS15.3 should be out this next week or two. I no longer do beta testing. I am retired and can’t afford to have test phones for beta testing. And follow best practices by never running beta software on my production phone

Yes. I powered down and restarted the iPhone 8.

And, dang … I called Costco and told by the Hearing Aid Technician that there is no software update for my Preza(s)!

Yours may well have been updated already. I bought my Prezas mid-July 2019, never went back for adjustments or anything, so they had never been updated. I didn’t go much of anywhere that I had to mask up throughout 2020, so I wouldn’t have had any updates installed from July 2019 to Jan 2022.

Just read this thread…thank you to @cvkemp for good advice as usual!

I have been having a connection issue with my Oticon More 1’s with my iPhone 13 recently. The L aid was always connected to Oticon ON app just fine but the R aid was disconnected more often than not…and was very reluctant to re-connect. I was going to re-install the software in the aids until I read this thread.

The problem with the R aid only arose recently and I found I had iOS 15.2.1 installed. So I just updated the software on my iPhone to iOS 15.3 and both sides connected and its looks like the connection problem is resolved!

@emjay_flowers also triggered me to take a look at the Apple built-in Smart 3D app (which I have never really had any use for). I was pleasantly surprised to find that the iPhone app it now includes “background noise” feature…thank you. :smile:

Phonak Audeo P-90R (in use about 18 months), iPhone 12 mini 8/3/22

Short story - I forgot to close the Phonak App and turn off the HAs before a recent iOS update. After the update, the right HA was on but would no longer respond to anything. I finally did a long, long shutdown press (+20 seconds) on the rocker arm. The HA turned off. When I turned it back on both HAs were working normally.

I don’t know if the long, long press really made the difference, but it sure seems like it. Could be I just hit the rocker arm differently or just at the right time.

The “long story” is about all the phone reboots, app reloads, bluetooth forgets/pairing attempts, HA normal shutdown attempts, Phonak Target connection attempts, etc. over 24 hours. Nothing worked