Loss of streaming with Resound Preza, any ideas?

I’ve been using a pair of Resound Preza aids for about the last 18 months. (Costco, $2500)

I got them to replace my Kirkland 6.0 pair because the app for those would not work with my new phone. I was delighted with the way the Prezas would stream phone calls to my aids via Bluetooth using the excellent Resound 3D phone app on my Android phone.

About a week ago, my phone stopped streaming calls or music to my aids. I know the Bluetooth connection is still active, because I can control all the usual hearing aid functions with the app. The app has one screen that shows the “status” of the connection to the left and right instrument. This now shows neither is connected to the phone.

In the phone settings -> Connected Devices, it shows the aids are connected to the phone via Bluetooth. I would also note that the phone still streams to my earbuds and car stereo. In fact it started connecting itself automatically to the car stereo when I start the car so I always have my Spotify playlist running when I’m driving.

I’m not positive, but I believe the app was updated around the time I lost my Resound streaming. I’ve tried rebooting the phone a few times with no luck. I also tried deleting the app and downloading it again.

What would you try next? Thanks in advance!


Delete the HAs bluetooth pairings from your phone, then repair.

iPhone or Android device?

I would also suggest you turn off and then restart your phone. Often temporary weird connection issues can be fixed that way.

Personally I would do that first, before unpairing and repairing the aids.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve tried those things in various combinations a few times without success, but this time I tried everything: cold reboot, forgetting the bluetooth connection and repairing.

Now my streaming works perfectly! It’s so nice to have it back for phone calls and listening to podcasts. Gotta go now and listen to Joe Rogan. :slight_smile: