Loss 91%(right) and 99%(left)and buy resound one…

Good idea buy resound one or the best is other solution ?

Ok. Solutions ? And brands

Google is your friend.

Also you’ll need to try any of the big 5 brands to see which you like. Me telling you is no good!

Have you actually seen an audiologist as they are best to recommend rather then a forum.

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If you have 91% and 99% hearing loss hearing will not help you. You are for the most part deaf.
9% and 1% word recognition is beyond the abilities of hearing aids to help you.
Have you been tested for cochlear implants?

I buy resound one. Is the best for my loss?

NO! Cochlear Implants or Ultra Power Aids as already stated!!

Go see an audiologist who will recommend what’s best! Not a forum!

I think a real problem is that 91% and 99% don’t really mean anything in audiology terms. These are linear measurements and hearing loss is measured logarithmically, in dB not in %. You probably don’t understand that sentence, but that is why you need to talk to an audiologist.

For example a 99% loss might mean you can hear only one hundredth of what a person with normal hearing would hear. That is a 20dB loss or a 40dB loss depending exactly what your 1% is measuring. A 20 dB loss can be ignored. A 40 dB loss is worth getting hearing aids for and the Resound Ones might be fine. But if you don’t talk to an audiologist then you will probably get it completely wrong, waste a lot of money and maybe harm your hearing too.

Anyway you can’t just buy hearing aids on the Internet like you can headphones or Bluetooth speakers. They have to be set up for you and your hearing loss by someone who has the software that will talk to them and knows what they are doing.


Where did that come from?

You said Cochlear Implants. I said he likely needs UP aids.

Hard to tell from the % tho!

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I’m confused. I don’t recall Rick saying the OP needed cochlear implants. I only recollect him asking whether an assessment had been done.

[I’m watching this exchange with interest from a process perspective, since I don’t think there’s enough real information on the table at this juncture for anybody to be safely making recommendations]

Oh, fine picking here. I didn’t explain very well! All I said, was he either needed UP Aids or either cochlear implants. Yes there’s as assessment for CIs and I didn’t mention that, but surely the OP would realise that!

Reading in FUNdamental.

@Zebras: It’s just my opinion, but I don’t think anybody can help the OP very much unless and until the excellent points raised by @david.hendon (above) have been addressed. Given the scant and ambiguous information provided by @fontez I wouldn’t ake any assumptions about what they would realise or not. My (unsolicited) view is that any treatment recommendations other than a.) see an audiologist or an ENT, and b.) don’t try to self-fit unless you know what you’re doing are quite premature.

I don’t think that this is “fine picking” in the least.

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My loss and use resound one with HP (high power) receiver.

Is good solution?

You need to read the good advice that’s being offered to you and go get fitted by a qualified audiologist. What country are you from?

From the audiograms, I think your hearing loss is barely in the fitting range for the Resound One with HP and I think an audiologist might recommend UP.

But very probably an audiologist would recommend an entirely different hearing aid more suited to your profound hearing loss.

In any case you need to get professional help with this or you will just waste your money and may even make things worse.

which hearing aid would do for my hearing loss? a phonak paradise?

I suspect there may be a language barrier. You have a very severe to profound hearing loss. Hearing aids may not help at all (other than make things louder) Did you see an audiologist? Did they do word recognition scores? If they’re low (as I expect) you should consider getting evaluated for cochlear implants. If that is not financially feasible, I’d be looking for UP BTE hearing aids


Ask a professional audiologist. But maybe a BTE aid like Resound Enzo Q rather than a RIC aid like Resound One.

You will need an audiologist to adjust it for your hearing loss or it won’t do anything for you at all.

My professional audiologist recommend resound one with HP, and passed 5 years, if necessary use UP.
Good idea?