Looking to Vocational Rehabilitation for financial help

Hi there,

I was wondering if any of you have turned to Vocational Rehab for help with financing hearing aids. I’m mainly wondering what the process is like and who qualifies for assistance. I’m considering going this route to help myself, but would like to have some idea of what to expect. Any help would be appreciated.

There is a sliding fee scale depending on your state…for example, residents of the state of Texas, if they qualify, will get free up to about 25% copay. You go for a visit, they look over specific monthly finances, you can use your house and medical bills to reduce your net monthly income for qualification. Other monthly bills do not count…

I need help to get new hearing aid too, somebody told me about the Vocational Rehab, I called them and they sent me some application to fill out. When they received my application a vocational rehabilitation counselor contacted me for appointment on 08/18. The only thing I know so far is you have to be working to qualify, I will go to the appointment and see how and how much they going to help me with if any.

I don’t think you necessarily have to be working at the moment, but be having the intent to go to work. Someone could be out of a job, but needing hearing aids to have the capability to go to work. It’s similar to a person without arms that need prosthetic limbs in order to be able to work.

I did, big mistake. They sent me out of town to a crock or idiot. They fitted me with Siemens Clieos that never did work right. The dispenser kept putting me off with come in again and have them adjusted. After 2 years and over a dozen adjustments, I bought a pair of Freedoms from America Hears with my own money.

I also feel the Vo Rehab people felt they were better than I was and had contempt for me. They ignored my complaints about the hearing aids and did nothing to help or educate me on how hearing aids should work.

If your audiologist will take voc rehab support, you could use your own audiologist for the fitting. I was lucky to be able to use my long time “personal” audiologist to help fit me with voc rehab supported aids twice. I will continue to use her, as she is the best at what she does…very willing to try something new and “bleeding edge” that has started to prove itself.

It really sucks that you had a bad experience with that assigned audi group from the voc rehab as well as the agency themselves.

Well, I have very limited experience with DVR (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation), but I will share a few things here.

I am a student in California; I am a resident of Washington state. I did find out that the way DVR works is that where ever you are living, you can take advantage of the program there… what I mean is, I could take advantage of California’s DVR program even though I am not a resident of California but a resident of Washington.

This is useful as I would hate to be turned down because I am a college student (which is one target market) studying out-of-state.

However, the way DVR is setup is, you must work with counselors, have a plan as to where you will work in the future, and they will help you financially, when these other factors are in place.

At first, before being fully informed, I mistakenly assumed that since I was a student returning to school soon, I could write a letter about my situation with hearing loss, my student income, and ALD devices I would have trouble paying for personally that would help me upon my return to school.

In reality, I would have to visit the local CA DVR since that is where I am living now, or if I were to move back to WA, wait and contact them again, and have regular meetings with counselors.

So, yes, time must be available for this as well as being prepared to receive career assistance. Financial help doesn’t come without the career assistance.

I am not in any way saying this is a bad program. I think it is great for those in the right situation who need help. But where I am right now, I wouldn’t benefit from it at this time.

I hope this helped in some way to clarify your concerns.