Looking to upgrade my Phonak v70s to v90's but


I am new to posting here but have been lurking for about a year when I was first diagnosed with Suden Hearing Loss ( this place was very helpful in my research by the way - even if I didn’t understand most of it at the time)

Its been a huge learning curve to say the least

Please forgive my long post and I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but I will try

I am also part of a Hearing Loss Facebook group that suggested I post this here too so if anyone can help it would be great and in turn I would like to help someone else (locally if possible)

I am located in Vancouver BC and anyone who lives here in BC knows there is NO support for hearing aides whatsoever and I am self employed so that limits my options too if I can’t afford $8k for new aides

A bit of background

One year ago I suffered Sudden Hearing Loss in one ear and 2 weeks later the other ear (its most likely because of Mitochondrial Myopathy but thats another story)

I dont know all the numbers or percentages of my audio gram like everyone posts or what % of hearing loss I have left but I can still hear (thank goodness) with my hearing aides

Now I am not sure if this is the place or not but do people sell their hearing aides? If so where and how? I have a particular issue/offer that may help someone else

I found out 2 weeks ago my current aides Phonak Audeo v70’s were no longer strong enough or working for me - I found out that need the v90’s because I have severe speech in wind or whatever they call it issues ( and voice recognition ) and it’s gotten worse over the past year ( especially on the phone and women’s voices)

I bought the v70s last April ( had I have known the v90s were significantly better for me I would have bought them)
But I was too overwhelmed with the diagnosis and had no clue what anything meant

So my audiologist gave me these new v90s to test out 2 weeks ago and OMG I started to cry because the difference (for me) was amazing! I could hear again (not completely but better than I had for the last few months

Well heres the rub…the audiologists wont upgrade, or trade me up at all and now I cant afford to full out buy the new ones for $8K

My current aides are only a year old (still have 2 years warranty on them) fully paid for and are perfectly fine…but not for me or my loss type…I need the extra speech adjustment

i have to return these v90s tomorrow

I would to help someone else but cant donate them completely as I would be left with nothing BUT want to maybe offer to sell my v70’s to someone that needs them for a great price so that I could then have at least a reasonable down payment on the new ones I need

Is that done here? Any advice on connecting me with someone? (craigslist is not where I want to go btw)

Anyone that knows the cost of these aides knows its a struggle for many - the v90s I need are $3900 each as I am sure you know

So I would really prefer to help someone who needs them and give them a significant discount on mine - the v70’s ($1K-$2K off) plus I will throw in the bluetooth lapel pin (I dont need it) and possibly the Phonak DECT II phone - not sure yet as I havent tested it with new aides

Send a PM if you are interested.

Any advice or help appreciated and apologies if this wasnt the place to ask

Thanks for reading

You could ask anyone interested to send you a personal message and discuss what you want for them there. In fact,
Send a PM if you are interested.

I’m shocked your audiologist can’t provide you with powerful enough receivers. The receivers for the V90 and V70 are the same receivers. Wind noise is adjustable but may only be a level 90 feature. But there are cloth product sold to collect sweat that also would help minimize wind noise that go for around $25US.

I suggest you ask the audiologist to have the Phonaks rep meet with you in her office on these issues. You may get some assistance/trade-in or get the 70’s adjusted properly by the rep who often has greater knowledge and options for getting you in the right situation.

I totally agree with KenP.

The only difference between the V70 and the V90 are some additional features on the V90 (assuming that you stay within the same model, i.e. RIC or SP).

Lerosia, you didn’t mention if you have the RIC (Receiver in Canal) version or the SP version (for use with ear molds).

Also, now Phonak has released the V90 UP version (higher output power) for use with ear molds. This might be the device that your audi had you try.

We really need to see your audiogram (obtain the figures from your audi and post them), as that would greatly help in giving you any advice.


Now that I can upload images, I added my instruments to my sig.


Quick update - thank you for your responses by the way

well ll I had to return the v90s today and got my v70s back

There’ definitely a quality of hearing difference

I am using the RIC 312

ithe he audio basically switched up the receivers and put the ones I had in the v90s into my v70s

the difference in models is 3 programs - control in echo and loud environment? Those were the difference for me I think
all sounds were crisper and clearer

The difference for me is with the v90s I could hear someone talk to me without looking at them ( side by side in a car or in front of me)

everybody around me me noticed the difference

with the v70s I can’t do that - voices arent clear

also I could easily hear using just the speakerphone on my iPhone with the v90s

not at all possible with the v70s

Especially female voices

i now now have my v70s back and I am lucky to have them - I know many people can’t afford them ( they let me go on a payment plan for those but won’t for the upgrade? Go figure)

so I now know the difference and how much better hearing life can be with the v90s - almost wish I hadn’t tried them

i will be pining for them now

So if I can sell these v70s it will certainly help

I have a PDF somewhere of my audiogram will screenshot

thankks again


I would insist that the audi get the rep to be present at your next appointment. Cover these problems with the rep. The added programs shouldn’t affect quite environments where you are experiencing difficulty. He may offer you an upgrade path.


there’s very little difference between the v70 and v90.

There are a few other differences in the V90 features that DD did not mention.
The V90 has the following features that the V70 does not.

Speech in Car
Speech in Wind
Echo Block
Comfort in Echo


Another update:

i posted one on Friday but it seems to have disappeared ( iPad connection)

anyways i I am waiting for my updated audiogram to post for some additional help but thank you DD got the above ‘extra program’ addition

i didn’t know that

and I bet my Audi doesn’t either ( by the way she’s an RHIP not full Audi but her boss is)

more info when I can post the audiogram



I am in the process of getting hearing aids right now, and this thread jumped out at me, because I am debating between the V70 and the V90. I’ve only had my initial consultation and the audi had me try a pair then, but I’m not sure which those were, other than they were the Phonak V RIC. I’m meeting again in a couple of days to try a couple of other brands to see if the others perform any better with regards to tinnitus reduction/distraction, because it wasn’t clear to me that the Phonak white noise helped all that much. My loss is not as significant as yours, it is mostly high-frequency loss rated as “moderate severe”, so I have reasonably significant problems understanding people even when I can hear that they are talking. I will probably start with a set of the 70s and see if they will also let me try a set of the 90s to compare within the 30-day window, though they may not. Just from looking at the spec sheets, it wasn’t clear to me that the difference between the 2 would justify the price difference, since it is possible to manually activate the “speech in noise” on the 70s, and I’d almost never use the echo cancellation, but the one that is the least clear to me is the in-car differences. It’s interesting to hear they made such a huge difference for you. I’m really sorry to hear about your difficulties, and really hope that your audi and/or the sales rep will make it right!


Audiogram & Update

i had some pretty good news today - first here’s the link to my uploaded audiogram ( forum won’t allow it at its current size)



Apparently the audi contacted Phonak and pleaded my case and they were willing to make an exception and upgrade me to the v90s ( still going to cost me a difference of $2158 but that’s better than $8k for a whole set of new ones

I just turn my v70s in for the trade

dont know exact details yet but Phonak saw my degradation in hearing and I didn’t give up bugging them ( audi) and the legimately saw it was a serious issue I assume

whatever the case I am soo happy because it’s been agonizing not hearing as well all week

more when I know more

so what does my audiogram tell you experts? I have no clue really what it all means yet


Glad to hear that Phonak stepped up and is assisting in enabling an upgrade.

It’s not like you’ll be changing to a maybe, since you’ve actually experienced the difference.

Best of luck!!!

And keep us posted.


Looks like you just found out the discounted wholesale price of your V90s


you need frequency lowering technology.

Lerosia’s hearing does not end at 2K. With a good HA that provides amplification above 2K (as he experienced with the Phonaks) he will be fine.

Of course the Widex could not provide the amplification needed, and the programs that enabled his success with the Phonak V90s.

Go peddle your Widex elsewhere, and don’t confuse him.


DR are you related to the Rainman?