Looking for Starkey Inspire

I have a older version of Starkey Inspire 2016 and the updater that came with it said no update is available. The Inspire software said it’s seriously outdated and needs to be replaced with the 2019 version that has the new hearing aids data. PVC no longer helping us with links and unable to find one online. Anyone know where l can get the 2019 version?

Thanks. I have the 2019 software l got from another member.

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Please send me it too :yum:

I have already PM’d grantb5 but got no reply, would you happen to have it Terost?

I would like to get the 2019 version please, Thanks!

Could you please send me Inspire too? I will be grateful! :slight_smile:

Would appreciate the inspire as well.
Thank You

I have the older version 2016 and will not update to the 2019 version.

Hi all, I’m new and looking for Starkey Inspire 2019. Can anybody help me. Thanks in advance.

Hi all, looking for Starkey Inspire 2019. Can anybody help me. Thanks!

Hi all, I’m looking for an actual version of Inspire. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance!

Can anyone send it to me. Thanks alot

Does anyone has Starkey Inspire 2020.1??

Have you found it yet?