Looking for Resound programming adapter ll for the Costco Forte

I am setup with the miniPro and the appropriate cables for programming the Costco Brio 2 ITC hearing aids that I was trialing. When Costco came out with the Resound Forte I dicided to change to the Forte 8 with the size 13 battery and will picking them up next week. According the Resound fitting guide I will need the CS44 cables and a Resound programming adapter ll as shown in the figure below. I see the CS4 cables on Ebay but I have not been able to locate the adapter. Any help would be appreciated.adapter Resound

I’m sure if anyone can help you with this, it’d be @pvc .

If he doesn `t pop up I will try a PM.

I am assuming that you are looking for Programming Adaptor II. I have not verified this to be correct so I’ll leave that for you.

I don’t know where to get these. You can watch EBay. I don’t think this (scroll down) is the correct adaptor. It says 8-pin.

Maybe check with a friendly Audiologist?

Maybe post in the Online Sellers category asking for help with obtaining the adapters.

Expect to pay higher for the latter options.

Thank you PVC. I will keep looking.

Hi, I have a programming adaptor I for programming resound live. Can it serve you?


I think that’s their Programming Adaptor I.

PVC, do you think programming adaptor I would work?

You should learn how to read the different versions of ReSound cable guides. It’s not difficult. The links are just above. The guides are in chart form showing you what you need for each different model. You should also learn to find the cable guides for yourself;

Let me know if you have a question about how to read the cable guides?

The cable guide you reference shows adapter 1 or 2 for Linx 2. The cable guide for Linx 3D show Adapter 2 only (I think).

The ReSound Cable Guide for ReSound Aventa 3
under column 3/Programming Adaptor I
For some models of (LiNX2, Enya, LiNX, Verso, Alera, Via)

and Column 4/Vea Adaptor
For some models of Verso, Alera, Via, Magna

Scroll down;
The ReSound Cable Guide for ReSound Aventa 2.9x
under third column/Programming Adaptor I
For some models of Live, Azure, X-Plore, Ziga

ReSound Smart Fit cable guide
Column 5/Programming Adaptor II
For LiNX 3D model RIE:62, model BTE, ENZO 3D model BTE:88, ENZO2 model BTE:88

Do you follow the cable guides yet?
Do you know your specific Costco Forte model?

  1. Click this ReSound Forte link
  2. Click the Styles & Colors Tab
  3. Scroll down to BTE & RIE Models
  4. Identify your specific model

Identify your model with precision! Costco will program these with Noahlink Wireless/Airlink 2 so they won’t be of any help with cables.

I did mention in the OP that the model is a Forte 8 with a size 13 battery. I forgot to mention that it is a RIE(R62) model. This is why I included a screen shot of column 5 that shows adapter 2 for the Linx 3D RIE 62 model. I am trying to get set up for the future since the dispenser is relatively inexperienced and I will most likely need to do some tweaks. I will pick them up and get the initial fitting on Wednesday.

So you should know now that this won’t work. right?

Right. Thanks for your help.

Wondering if you had any success with self programming the Forte?

I was not able to find the correct Resound adapter 2 for the Forte connection to the miniPro. I have since returned the Forte hearing aids to Costco since they did not work for me after five adjustments. I was especially disappointed in their performance in restaurant situations (this was my reason for trying them). The problem was most likely the inexperience of the Costco hearing aid specialist. After five adjustments the performance was very disappointing. This was the second Costco store I tried. The closest Costco had three month wait for an appointment due to having only one dispenser due to sick leave and one who quit. I am now doing a trial with Oticon OPN1s with a highly recommended audiologist.

Those would be correct. The resound linx 3d 88 bte has an 8pin interface.