Looking for replacement micro speaker

I’m building a hearing device and looking for a sub miniature speaker like the one in this picture.

I can’t seem to find anything like this in my searches. Has anyone seen something like this before?

Seems to have the brand “V” or “VP” on it. but not sure.

I attached the image to this post…
Thanks in advance.

Hey man, I hope you don’t blow out your hearing with that thing. How will you keep it from over-amping the sound?

I am sure you know that it is important to know the little speaker’s electrical impedance at audio frequencies so as to match it with the output impedance of the final amplifier stage.

A gross mismatch will have a major effect on the linearity of the overall amplifier system and will mess up any negative feedback loop if present.

Be aware that coupling to the ear canal also effects linearity and the energy transfer function.

Suggest you call Knowles Inc. as their engineers might have some knowledge of a source. Bet a nickle its Chinese or Japanese. Ed

I think you’re going to have a hard time finding a replacement. Where did you get this one? You might want to get a standard micro-speaker which would be smaller, more efficient, have a higher output, and sound better than the one you show. OTOH, I guess it would also depend on the amplifier you’re using. Good Luck!

you should ask the experts

http://www.etymotic.com/ha/ and http://www.knowles.com/search/applications/hearing_health.jsp

I doubt the experts will know anything about finding a replacement because I’ve never seen a receiver like this in any hearing aid. Most likely they’ll recommend the the OP use a standard receiver.

I have never seen a receiver like this in a hearing aid also but I beleive that, if he give them the specifications of his old receiver, they will find something similar. Perhaps a receiver from a Super Power BTE.

That probably IS a standard receiver packaged in a plastic case to permit connection to a BTE tube.

Personally, I’d crack that open and check. Until then it’s all one big unknown.