Looking for new HAs


I have moderate hearing loss in my left ear and profound hearing loss in my right ear (i.e., I am deaf in my right ear.) I have been using a phonak ML13i with a Smartlink+ remote microphone/bluetooth/FM for several years and I’m very happy with it. However, lately the Smartlink+ has been giving me trouble and I’m afraid it will quit working completely. I’m wondering what there is out there that I can use as a replacement.

Positives for my current HA setup:

  • I really like the Smartlink+ because I can point it at whoever I’m listening to and hear them clearly.

  • I like that I can position the Smartllink+ near the source of the sound.

  • The Smartlink+ noise reduction works well.

  • When I use the Smartlink+ bluetooth with my iPhone I can hear great.

  • When I plug the Smartlink+ into a TV or computer and use the FM feature of the Smartlink+ I can hear the audio very well.


  • The HA itself doesn’t have very good noise reduction.

  • The HA’s volume doesn’t adjust all the way down to zero. I often find myself pulling the HA out of my ear.

  • If all I have is the HA (and not the Smartlink+) I must stand very close to whomever I’m listening to and point my ear right at them to understand their words.


If you want to stay with Phonak, the Roger 13 receiver and Roger Pen is the closest match to what you have now. They will work with your current hearing aid. Regarding the volume control, your audi can probably program it to increase the number of steps you can go down.


I am not committed to phonak. I am looking for the best of what is now available. I know about the Roger pen but that that is not what I am looking for. Is there anything else new out there that is similar?


You talk about your FM system but don’t mention what HA you are using currently.

What HA are you using?


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I have been using a phonak ML13i


That’s not your HA name, thats what your FM receiver is called.


A quick search results in the ml13i fitting only the Ambra BTE.


Or the Solana or the Cassica.


Sorry, I guess I don’t know what my HA is then. Here’s a photo of my HA HA%20photo.

Anyway, I’m in the market for something new. Thanks for any help you can provide.


And here’s a photo of the remote microphone/bluetooth smartlink+ that I use Smartlink%20 (I could only upload 1 image in the previous reply because I’m a “new user” even though I’ve been a member for years.)


You might want to try the Phonak Roger System. It’s a massive upgrade to the Smartlink. I’ve used both and find the Roger System so much better.


Thanks for the advice! I will look into it.


Wow, there is a huge number of options! Can anyone help me decide if I want/need a Roger Pen or a Roger Easy Pen? Do these connect to a TV? (since I’m deaf in one ear I don’t think the stereo Phonak TV link is for me.)

Also, how well do the Roger Select and the Roger Table Mic II work?


Is you audiogram accurate? I would definitely wear a hearing aid on the right side.


It’s accurate. What would a HA on the right side do for me? I’ve never had an audiologist suggest it, and I’ve been to several over the years. I couldn’t understand conversations, only “sounds”. And loud sounds at that.


I would try it, with a long return period. It would take a while to get used to it.


I agree with Don. A hearing aid on your right should work for you. My hearing is worse then yours and I would be lost without hearing aids on both sides. If you have a Costco near you you could get a hearing test and demo several different aids to see if they will work for you. Good luck to you.


My hearing is worse then yours ans I wear 2 x hearing aids and benefit greatly from both of them.


It turns out that I was wrong about my hearing profile. I just retested yesterday and learned that I had no response at all for frequencies above 2000 Hz. My audi’s software shows a different symbol for these frequencies and I misinterpreted it as a hearing response.