Looking for info on Oticon Epoq V

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Looking for info on Oticon Epoq V

I have been offered one for $1800


a) How does the Epoq V stack up against the Oticon Delta 8000 (which I lost ) In fact, is the Epoq V a good hearing aid?
Any answers are appreciated. But detailed answers of professionals and/or people with experience would be great.

If it is a good replacement,

b) Does $1800 seem possible? or a good deal? or what?

I paid around $2500.00 USD for my Epoq V Power RITE. Really happy with it.

Sacramento, CA

Roger does California charge sales tax on hearing aids?

Oticon advertises their Epoq line as incorporating “spatial sound” and binaural processing. Unfortunately, in the newer (and less expensive) V model, they’ve eliminated both of those features.

The XW model uses the signals from both ears to combat noise, feedback, and localization difficulties, and the hearing aids coordinate their signal processing. For example, if the left ear senses a high pitched sound that the right ear does not, it gets categorized as left-sided feedback, and the hearing aid suppresses it.

The V model synchronizes volume control and program changes between the ears, but one ear doesn’t know what the other is receiving or how it’s processing the sound. So the communication between the ears is mainly a convenience feature and not one that aids hearing ability much.

Having said that though, $1800 is a very good price for the technology, and it’s a good, solid hearing aid. As long as the clinician programs the aids well, and they’re appropriate for your hearing loss, I bet you’ll be happy with them.

I might be able to give you a good advice as I mostly fit Oticon.

Epoqs are approaching the end of its life. The introduction of Vigo and Vigo Pro connect

along with the recent article on the New Agile processor seem to indicate we they will

introduce new High end products. If you take a look at Vigo Pro connect (lower pricing

) and Epoq V, you will notice that both instruments have near identical specs.

I believe Epoq V (or dual V for that matter) has true dinamics.

So that said, if it is posible try to get a vigo connect pro- and you will be saving some $$

and getting identical features

No sales tax on hearing aids in Calif.