Looking for Icube II Wireless Programmer


I want to but Icube II, used or new. Please contact me.


Look at eBay. That’s your best way to get one.


I brought one on eBay. There are several for sale.


EBay Sold Listings Tip: Use EBay Search to zero in on a search that mostly shows your item of interest. Then scroll down and check the box in the left panel that says Sold-Listings.


Search again; That’s the history of how much other people paid for the item.

Determining value of hearing aids for eBay sale

Are you still looking for it? I have one, and want to sell it.


Do you still sell it?


No more, but you should try ebay


I have one but its not for sale. I found 2 icubes ll for sale in eBay


Thank you, but you are writing to the wrong person. I was selling mine, so this guy, shalu.nekkanti contacted me. You can try and write to him/her…


Oh. Its 7 months old post