Looking for help with high gain hearing aids

Back in October I was diagnosed with moderate high-frequency hearing loss. Unfortunately, my loss continued to get worse. I am severe- profound (bilateral) at this point and was wondering if anyone has experience with “high gain” hearing aids. I have been given multiple options, just trying to get some input from us consumers. Thanks everyone.

You have to be having hugely issues with phone conversations, dining in restaurants and communication in general.
In my opinion with a loss that severe, I would be giving serious consideration to getting a Cochlear implant. Good Luck with your decision which ever way you go.

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The high gain aids you mention are called super power SP and ultra power UP hearing aids.
You probably know this but as your hearing loss gets worse the benefits of hearing aids gets worse too. Speech recognition becomes harder and harder to acquire. Also programming the aids for this bad hearing loss gets more difficult. It takes a better fitter to deal with someone with more hearing loss. It is just a difficult situation as the hearing loss gets really bad.

There will come a point in time where you have to make decisions about your hearing. As mentioned cochlear implants might be an option. It is my option at this time.


What is your age?

I think cochlear implants, which are usually feared initially, are something you should seriously consider.


I looked back at your old thread and wow that is quite a drop in six months, you mentioned an ENT back then so I assume they are still involved and have checked for causes.

While I will agree with others that a CI is probably in your future, you don’t have your word recognition score on your profile so maybe your understanding with power aids will be good. ans in any case, generally at least 6 months with appropriate hearing aids is required before you are an implant candidate.

While my word recognition went before reach that level of loss so I can’t recommend specific brands I can make some recommendations from experience and research.

First make sure that whoever you are working with is experienced with sever and profound loss. I have run into a number of both audiologists and hearing instrument specialists are great with standard age related mild to moderate ski sloop hearing loss, if you have something different they run into trouble.

The other would be to get an aid that is designed for profound loss not just one that can be stretched to cover it. While a lot of standard RICs can have uprated receivers that can push the sound up to levels that required, people with profound loss that I have talked to generally think that aids specifically designed for that level of loss work better.

I’ve used Phonak Naida UP in the past and now have Oticon Xceed UP. Speak to your audiologist and see what they suggest.

I’ve decided to cut my losses, I’ve been told by multiple professionals I’m a good candidate for implants. I’ve begun learning ASL and will start the implant process after this COVID-19 nightmare subsides.

You could also try the resound Enzo q. But you need to realize that with a profound loss any aid is going to be a compromise and not a fix. No aid is a fix.