Looking for good working CIC designed for severe to profound loss


Currently have a Sonic Innovation Bliss 100 - that I love - wondering if anyone has had a good experience with any newer model aids


i interested in OPN CIC


Starkey does a nice job stuffing a powerful speaker into a CIC, if you are really dedicated to the form factor. Not ideal for severe-profound.


If you wear CIC there is no way you have profound hearing loss.


Willing to share hearing test - My Sonic Innovation’s Bliss 100 aids have been amazing - able to talk on my IPhone 7 Plus with either ear; however, I do hear better with left ear. My right goes from severe into profound range - left is in severe range.

Appreciate the directional hearing, the quality of sound as well as convenience of not having unit behind my ear, without feedback issue.

I actually hear my best in a noisy restaurant or social gatherings type environments. People talk louder in these situations and imy aids reduce background noice so that I am better able to tune in-

Yet, am always on the look out for a more advanced CIC. This pair is a few years old and hearing aid technology icontinues to make strides. Anticipating the day of having blue tooth technology in a CIC designed for my loss as well as the release of more powerful hearing aids.


I looked up Starkey, Siemens, Phonak and others on CIC aids. Some of them have a full on gain maximum of 70 dB. There is no CIC aids for those with profound hearing loss at this time. Profound BTE hearing aids have a gain between 76 to 82 dB.


Well looks like I will keep my Sonic Innovation Bliss 100 for now - my aids go up to 90 db without feedback - Oticon bought Sonic Innovations about 10 years ago for their technology with small aids - Understand Oticon aids have become much smaller and more powerful - Sonic Innovation latest release was their Enchant which offered Blue Tooth technology but not available in a CIC. Please keep me posted should a CIC aid designed for severe to profound loss hit the market.


I don’t think it will be possible to create a CIC aid for those with profound hearing loss because the size 10 battery is too small. What l need is an ITED earmold aid that takes one 675 battery. Will not accept BTE power aids with the size 13 battery.


I’m pretty sure they are not 90 db gain. Maybe 90 db fitting range? A 70db gain hearing aid would probably have a greater fitting range than 90.

70 db gain would handle profound loss. The issue would be where does the loss occur and where does the 70 db gain occur. Sometimes a hearing aid claims 70 db gain but it ramps up to that and peaks at a narrow frequency range and drops off. So if the gain peaks at 1600 but you need 70 db gain at 500 it is probably not going to work for you.

But if your loss slopes more or less like the gain then it might work.

Also, 70db gain is a lot of gain. Look at my loss. I have really aggressive frequency compression and my highest gain is 54 db, on my right ear, 48 on my left. That is around half my loss at those frequencies and that is really about all I can stand, and it’s loud and clear.


You can’t have a profound loss if you wear CICs, that’s just impossible! No CIC has a gain of 90db!


I am not an audiologist but am doing my best to respond to comments correctly. My Bliss 100 aids are like 6 to 7 years old - not a new release - state of the art sort of thing.

Anyway, hope it’s information that will help others that might be looking -


Posted wrong product page - ITC not CIC


It’s not impossible, it’s just not ideal in most cases. I have at least one severe-profound patient who will only wear CICs. However, they have beautiful, large, straight ear canals that can fit the receiver AND offer a long, deep insertion. We hit fitting targets up to about 2500 pretty well, and the patient doesn’t have much useful hearing after that anyway.


Thanks for you comment - gaining a better understanding


I’d just like to add that I think feedback is a pretty solvable problem.


Thanks for the chart. Looks like a 50 db gain. There are power CIC that offer more power, but for profound loss, the RIC or BTE styles offer all the bells and whistles.