Looking for feedback- Oticon Tego

I have had mild hearing loss for some time now and recently had a test done to confirm that HA’s would help my condition.
The audiologist has recommended Oticon Tego open fit for both ears.
From what I have read, these aids, would be adequate but I’m a bit concerned that the technology is a little dated.
Any help would be appreciated.

as you might know there is a product life cicle, tego has reached its late stages. It has now been replaced by Vigo - which should be a bit more expensive BUT

  1. vigo can be bought as a rite instrument (i would suggest to get it bte hook with corda 2- more fitting range)
  2. Vigo has more audiological features than Tego, Auto t coil,
    adaptative directionality, Datalogging, etc…

so get a vigo … if you can afford it a vigo pro