Looking for dispenser in Northern Illinois to obtain custom earmold

Hi, I need to have custom mold for my phonak Audeo b90-312. Looking for fairly priced hearing dispensers who can do that in the Northern Illinois area.

Lloyd’s has made two pair for me.
They are very helpful and friendly.

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If you have a Costco in your area, go there.

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I called costco but was told that they only do mold on hearing aids they sell.

If they are RIC style, then you will need to find a Phonak dealer. I see there are about 27 in the state of Illinios.

This is incorrect.
Lloyd’s made a set of soft silicone molds for my set of RIC aids.

You can go online to your hearing aid manufacturer’s website. They will usually have a button to “Find a Provider”. Type in your zipcode, and you will be able to find someone near you.
If you want to find providers who are committed to following best practice guidelines, you might want to use the Dr. Cliff Provider Network:

Thank you for your info. I inputted by zip code and there are no providers nearby.

This is exactly what I am looking for.

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Try your manufacturer’s website instead:

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Thank you for your information. Most providers either charge very high nor will not service hearing aids that they did not sell.

Yes, I guess if the mold supplier has receiver dimension data they could produce molds.

If Elgin area works for you…give a call to Allison or Jill at AudioLogic Hearing to see if they can help you. I’ve been getting custom molds for my BTE units for years! I go in for the impression and ask them to mail the mold to me direct (I cut tubing to length myself) from supplier to avoid the second trip.

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