Looking for Cordless Phone/Answering System


I wear hearing aids but most of my phone calls are made and received on my landline at home where I normally don’t have my hearing aids in because I live alone and just no need to have them in while in the house. I am in the market for a cordless landline phone/answering system. Since I will be using this when I am not wearing my hearing aids I’m looking for something with good voice quality and of course something where the phone volume can be raised high enough. My hearing loss is moderate to severe. Any suggesting on good cordless phone/answering systems brands/models for this situation? Any out there that you really like? If it is bluetooth capable that would be even better. Thanks.



What kind of hearing aids do you wear? Widex offers a product called Phone-Dex, it’s essentially a cordless phone for home that pairs with your hearing aids.


I don’t use one myself as I pretty much do all my calls on my cell, but do use the Widex Beyond hearing aids that stream directly to my iPhone. Widex has a number of accessories that are Bluetooth capable as well.

You don’t have to limit yourself to Widex. There are several other higher end hearing aids that offer solutions.

I have severe hearing loss in both ears and have found the Widex Beyond to give me the best possible range I need. I have a BTE model with a customer receiver and it’s worked great for me. The best hearing aids I’ve worn in almost 20 years. I’ve had a variety of models from Phonak and Widex.

I hope that helps.



Thanks for the response. I have Oticon Opn1 hearing aids that work great with my cell phone via bluetooth. Of course that only works if I’m wearing my hearing aids. At some point soon, I do intend to get the Oticon Connect Clip but of course that only works when I am wearing my hearing aids. As I mentioned, I’m looking for a cordless phone/answering system for my landline for when I an NOT WEARING my hearing aids.



If you insist on not wearing them at home, a speaker phone may work out for landline or as a choice when answering a cell phone using that option. I am alone but wear my aids every day. I listen to radio, do a bit of streaming, and am ready if I get a delivery man or such.

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I haven’t tried this, but it seems to fit what you’re looking for.


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Thanks. I will check out amplified phone systems.



Thanks but I choose not to wear mine when I’m around the house.



Hi there,
Did you find a phone choice?
I am home alone during the day and often prefer to go without my hearing aids also… I am currently exploring the caption phone systems and wondered if you had looked into those choices? CapTel vs Caption Call? I personally cannot actually hear without my aids in situ but am interested to hear what you decided upon. ~cheers :slight_smile:



Hi there,

No, I haven’t made a decision yet. My old answering system/phone is still working but has a few problems. Sorry I’m no help. When I do get something new I’ll post here with what I got and how I like it. Good luck to you.