Looking for best CI surgeon in DC area

Any recommendations for best CI surgeons in DC area? We are going to re-implant our son after his internal device failure. The first surgery was performed by Dr. Francis who left JH and is in Duke now.

Finding a CI audiologist you like is important.
That audiologist probably has a brand and doctor preference and reasons why.

It’s a bit out of your DC area but Vanderbilt University Cochlear Clinic in Nashville has an excellent reputation. I’ve had 3 US friends that had a surgeon from Vanderbilt that needed to be re-implanted. The 3 friends have had excellent results, from memory they all have Cochlear implants. They all had hybrid implants and switched to Cochlear. .

Edited- contact the company you have chosen for your son. Then ask that company for recommendations of a surgeon. They will be able to direct you to an excellent surgeon that works with the device you want. Most surgeons have an AuD working with them in the office. Good Luck.


Thanks! That’s a good point. I love our hearing aid audiologist (for the second ear) much more than the CI one. Can’t say she’s not good, but may be it’s worth checking other CI audiologists.

Thanks! Glad to hear your friends are happy with the result after the re-implantation.

I don’t know how old your son is, but if you have a children’s hospital close they usually have a great cochlear implant clinic. As well as an audiology department within the hospital.

Not quite in the DC area (actually in Towson/Baltimore), but I feel like I had a very good experience and outcome with Dr. Kaplan at Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC). He does a lot of CIs and I believe he even consults for Cochlear, although he’ll do any of the three brands (I’ve got AB myself). Best of luck with your search and I hope it all goes well for your son.

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Thank you! May I ask who is your audiologist at GBMC and if you like her?

Happy to help. I’ve mostly been seen by Dr. Garrison for the nearly three years I’ve had my CI. I like working with her and I feel like she’s done a great job with my mappings and programming. She also programs my Link hearing aid that pairs with my CI, which means I can deal with both devices in one visit. Overall I’ve been happy with GBMC’s CI center. Although I’m an adult recipient (late 30s), so my experiences might be different than those for someone younger.

Thank you, Bryon! That’s very helpful! My son is bimodal as well. We love our hearing aid audiologist but it will be nice to have both in one place at some point.