Looking for beginner sign language video

I wonder if anyone can recommend a beginner sign language video. Hearing is getting worse and I think learning sign language may help later on. Any recommendation would help. Thanks

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I think if you go online and type in sign languages they’ll give you several options.

I did that and there are plenty of them. I was hoping someone on the forum has used one that they can recommend

Well considering the way things are now that’s probably your only option. I was going to suggest you look for evening classes but that’s probably no longer an option.

yes you are right there. No classes near me and no info until they re-open. I have looked into almost every option. Eventually I will find something

Dr. Vicar’s site lifeprint.com is a good beginner site and free. He is Deaf professor at Sacremento State Univ. He is from a Deaf family so you are learning from a native user.

His material beginner through intermediate lessons. Ideally you should have someone else to practice with to really master the language.


There is a book with CD series called Signing Naturally that is very good.

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Twinkle fingers first steps bsl with Colin Hall & student Sarah, also same with receptive practice, helped me pass my bsl 1. Got second hand on amazon. Also lots of games online to help with basics.

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The only problem with learning sign language later in life and having grown up in the hearing world is finding someone else who knows sign language.

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thanks I will look into it

Here in the UK British Sign Language or BSL has many levels I am up to level 2 as a signer, to get there is literally around 600+ hours of learning I would imagine ASL (American Sign Language) is much the same? BSL has, Beginner, Intermediate, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Interpreter it took my wife 2 years @ 1 full day a month plus homework to reach Level 3 after she finished Level 2, the pass criteria is very strict and the actual test/exam is in 3 parts for each individual Level, the examiners are nearly always “Prelingually Deaf” (Born Deaf) and Sign Language is their first language, the last part of each Exam is videoed and sent off to the Deaf University for a Pass/Fail, some Sign Language is iconic, but not all… It is a language in its own right, it is 5 times faster than you can talk and up to 7 times quicker depending on who is signing! You must hold eye contact at all times, facial expression must be used, body language must be used, proper hand shape is a must, it has placement, timelines and multi-channels which have no actual translation into oral language and go back in “Deaf Culture” hundreds of years, it also has regional sign variations or accents in aural language, you can actually tell where a signer is from in the UK by the signs they use… All that being said, although it is difficult to learn it is also brilliant fun in the process and does much for your self esteem and your confidence, to get up in class and make a complete hash of it is sometimes hilarious, but it eventually builds your confidence as you improve… Videos are helpful but if you are serious about learning then actual face to face tuition is the only proper way to learn as most of the tutors were born Deaf… Good Luck in your quest. Cheers Kev:-)


Are you in the Uk and wanting to learn BSL? If so go to www.british-sign.co.uk

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Is sign language universal? How long does it usually take an adult to learn to understand it?

Read the previous posts for the answers to your questions.