Looking for audiologist in Denver, Colorado for severe loss

Asking for my mother in law in the Denver CO area (Evergreen, Jefferson County). I haven’t seen her audiogram, but clearly her loss is quite severe. Her insurance will cover a good chunk of HAs, and it’s way past time for her to upgrade.

I think she’s planning on the Costco in Arvada. I’m wondering if anyone knows about that one, or if there are suggested alternative audis in the area.

I haven’t tried Costco HAs myself, but my mother (not MIL) has had very poor results with her severe loss with KS 9. She also has a horrible time with Bluetooth issues. My mom’s costco fitting was really quite a failure, but it could have been the particular store she went to.

A bit more on my MIL: She is also legally blind. This means that she spends a whole lot of time on her iPad every day. So it seems to me that the special low power Bluetooth I have with my Oticon OPN2 would be much better for her. (Though I find Apple has maybe messed this up a bit, and I have more issues with different Bluetooth devices fighting with each other and actually turning my Oticons off if I have Bluetooth turned on on more than one device).

Also, on account of being blind, rechargeable seems like potentially a better thing than fiddling with batteries without the benefit of vision. I guess the Costco aids come in rechargeable models? My mom’s KS9 are not, but it may be that she didn’t want to pay extra for that.

So a suggested Audi besides costco in the Denver area might be good. This is a good step getting her to go in for an upgrade at all, so hopefully we can get it to be as successful as possible.

Can’t offer any help on Costco audiologists in area. However, just about all Costco hearing aids are now offered in rechargeable model. (The KS9 was not) My Mom is also blind and rechargeables are a boon for her. One thing to consider with rechargeables is if they automatically turn on when removed from the charger or if they requiring turning on. I think the main thing that will promote bluetooth reliability is the number of devices one tries to use with them and how often one is switching back and forth. If she just streams wth her tablet, I would think most hearing aids would be pretty rock solid. If one is constantly switching between phone or phones, tablet, computers, etc., one is likely to have issues no matter what. I don’t think it will matter whether she uses low power bluettooth or classic. Rechargeables should give her enough streaming time.

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I have been using Dr Scott Dewitt at Modern Audiology in Centennial (720)476-7132. He has been fitting my Oticon More hearing aids. I like him. Easy to talk to and has been very responsive. My followup visits have all been via Remote Care using the Oticon iPhone app which have worked very well. Good luck.

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You said she has insurance; and she is thinking of Costco. Costco does not take insurance. She needs to make sure that her specific plan allows her to buy from Costco and submit her receipt for reimbursement. Otherwise, she is not going to use her insurance when she makes her Costco purchase. And that may be fine. The prices at Costco are so much lower than other places, that it may make sense for her situation.

Costco is now offering the KS10, and those are rechargeable. The KS10s are the Phonak Paradise.

Sorry your mom didn’t have a good experience with Costco. It may be her fitter. My Costco has 3; and 1 is not very good IMO. In fact, the hearing center manager told me once that most experienced hearing aid users don’t like working with that one. Hmm. She’s worked there over 28 years. Anyway, I did have one meeting with her and then switched to another and all was fine from then on.

Don’t forget about costco’s 6 month trial and return. And maintenance too.
Don’t know if they are doing remote updates yet but I would guess that will be here sooner than later.

Dr. Zachary Zells
Modern Audiology
7373 W Jefferson Ave Ste 301 Lakewood, CO 80235
(303) 988-7299](tel:(303)988-7299)

Doesn’t get any better than Dr. Zells. I found him after using Costco for many years. Only wish I had found him many years before. Couldn’t be happier with his service. And, he knows how to deal with insurance - didn’t cost me any more than if I had used Costco.

Thanks everyone! This is helpful!

My own mom and Costco, I think it was a combination of factors. I don’t think the fitter was great. My mom’s hearing is so bad that she has a hard time negotiating any interaction, so unless my sister is along, things don’t always go well. And then she did it right before Covid hit her area hard and fast. She went into lockdown and hasn’t been back there since. One of her two HAs stopped working altogether quite soon after she got them, but she never did anything about it because of (reasonable, in her case) Covid fear.

My MIL is in serious denial about the state of her hearing. She doesn’t need fancy hearing aids, because her hearing isn’t that bad, she says. It’s just that everyone in her family mumbles. Funny, my wife used to mumble a lot until I got my HAs.

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Unless the family member can be assertive about their hearing, it will take the support of one or more people to keep the hearing aids functional. My Mom commonly says her hearing aids are broken. Usually it’s just replacing a wax filter, but sometimes they need a new receiver or even shipping back to factory. Unless somebody’s on top of it, they will set in a drawer.

By the way, she choose Costco at the last minute. I think it’s a pretty big and satisfactory upgrade from what she had before (she loves streaming from her iPad too, now). I’ll see her in a couple of days, so it’ll be interesting to see how it worked out, face to face.

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